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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Zte paragraph 4 with new tablet computer at MWC two money for four nuclear

The world of mobile communication conference (MWC), all kinds of brand is let flowers blossom and homebred brand new product emerge, also let a person feel the research and development of the domestic manufacturers strength. Huawei has just released on MWC in four nuclear all 10 inch hd screen plate MediaPad, zte side also don't fiddle, one breath released four of new tablet computer. Were four nuclear tablet computer T98, PF100 and V96, V9s.
Zte PF100 and T98 is four nuclear tablet computer. Pick up Nvidia T30S 1.5 Ghz four nuclear processor, Android 4.0 system, use 10.1 inch WXGA resolution display
screen. In addition, it is equipped for HSPA connection Icera 450 modem. Equipment with 1 GB memory and 16 GB storage capacity, with 5 million pixels on the back of the camera. Zte T98 PF100 for the smaller version 7 ", PF100 processor and the same specification, WXGA resolution screen is still, higher pixel density, but its support 3 G network system for td-scdma.
V96 is also a high-end tablet computer. It is the dual-core processor qualcomm carrying and not Tegra 3, frequency of 1.7 GHz, running tablet pc free shipping Android 4.0 system. In addition to LTE network outside, it also supports HSPA +. It also with a 5 million pixel camera, 16 GB storage capacity and 1 GB of memory.

V9S is a few fashion plate on the low end of the user in type. This is a 10.1 inch tablet, with a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor qualcomm, with 1 GB of memory and 16 GB storage capacity. Unfortunately, it USES or Android 3.2 and not 4.0. It supports GSM and UMTS 3 G network, but does not support HSPA +. This a few fashion probably first tablet computer in the second quarter this year for sale.

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