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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Children grow up together with the Tablet PC

At present, the tablet computer on the market product type is very rich, weight, the screen size and operating systems vary. But is there a tablet computer to withstand the children's rough treat?

Each one Explorer tablet computer with all three good program and a download from LeapFrog Connect application store their choice of free program (ebook, game or video). I have tried a by the famous of the fancy toy manufacturers LeapFrog Enterprises Inc. For children aged four to nine at the design of the $100 LeapPad Explorer tablet computer. This money is green and pink tablet computer two kinds of color, equipped with built-in microphone, cameras, camcorders and size suitable for use by children handwritten pen, used in five inches touch screen writing and drawing (fingers can also).

This kind of tablet computer in the design of the strong plastic, glass screen by a layer of wheat pull (Mylar) diaphragm, and around the screen in the metal frame, used to take additional physical damage. This kind of flat computers can read e-books, play games and browse the digital flash card.

LeapPad Explorer is LeapFrog company launched the latest products. The company since the 1990 s began production of the original LeapPad educational toys, and in July 2010 the Leapster Explorer handheld game production.

Explorer children tablet computer can run 40 DuoGe procedures that can be downloaded. Computer top groove, can run old game tapes. The company spokesman says, by the end of this year the company is expected to provide 70 DuoZhong program, and not to stop selling the game plan. Tape Each game tapes price $25, can download items (including games, procedures, flash card, video and ebooks, etc) fees from $5 to $20.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Apple Android5.6 academy release

Mobile Internet and the prevalence of smart phones, power, people are used by mobile phone reading, and of cell phone reading had the higher request, just through the WAP pages to read, could not find the pleasure of reading, cannot enjoy reading books of paper feeling. Palm academy focus mobile reading, the launch Android5.6 academy to Android, palm user brought not the same wonderful; Palm academy is China's most famous mobile reading software, to for 650 million mobile phone users to provide the high quality service, is reading wireless mobile phone software industry pioneer and leader.
Enjoy the paper books read feeling

Clothes make the man, for mobile phone software for reading, good UI design will give the user to bring ShuangXin and pleasing to the eye, like reading experience personally, general faster enjoy the pleasure of reading. Paper books have been used to bring our reading experience, handheld academy Android5.6 a new UI design, let us enjoy the paper books like reading feeling.

"The qing dynasty ten evaluated" with traditional style of archaize to read, "super classic a small joke" fashion, bright eye with the style of reading; The new UI, let users in the "tradition" and "fashion" between the choice. 360 ° comprehensive simulation flip effect, authentic reduction of paper books, reading experience in marketing. At the same time, apple Android5.6 academy to more convenient to simplify the user reading style, the environment needs, also set up DuoZhong style, let you read easily at no cost eye.
The human nature in the reading Settings

How to let the user can more quickly and more intuitive, read is palm academy focus of concern, the palm Android5.6 academy comprehensive optimization local to read the menu, let more intuitive operation, the more direct; Can be convenient to add bookmarks, the next chapter, jump, the automatic reading, search, interactive operation. And simple local book scanning and import function, books batch import bookshelf and multi-function file browser let users feel close, make reading so simple.

If you download the books, reading format TXT up is the feeling of tears have no book section, TXT books information, cannot undertake section preview, want to read the particular chapter, only to find the full text, much time and energy, and palm, fully automatic Android5.6 academy will to TXT the chapters of the rapid extraction, let you of the TXT read chapters more freedom to jump.Ipad

And 10000 books to share

"Alone le le than the le le", express your reading feeling, goes out of your flowers, hit out your eggs, with the most direct ways to support you like and dislike of books, if you think which text is good, you can share with friends. And the books 10 million palm academy share books bring us moved and gain; At the same time, you can speak, write in the book you read feel, suggestion, comment, can be directly and the author of books and online interactive communication.

Comprehensive optimization online bookstores

The list, new book city, blockbuster express recommended, palm Android5.6 academy comprehensive optimization online bookstores, books, and a full support update download, so that users can follow reading; The rebirth of the acura's son ", "my sister is a beauty", "yao month myth", "cool President and qiao maid", "culture revelation" and so on, as long as you want to see palm academy will have great, online, urban: Mafia, romance, and campus, and the world, military, history, those work, XianXia......  cell phone mini e7

Thursday, September 22, 2011

IPhone 5 the upcoming iPhone 4 depreciation trade in peak

A few days ago, electronic product depreciation service provider Gazelle announced that the iPhone 4 depreciation trade in recent peak, as high as 84%. According to a recent report in the apple is expected to be the next two week's time release the next generation iPhone. Familiar with apple products friends all know, once a new generation of iPhone release, before the value of the machine immediately will greatly decrease. So the market appear such circumstance is not new.In the interview, Cnet Gazelle executives Anthony Scarsella, she said that the release of the iPhone 5 time compared with previous years, during this delayed many will undoubtedly have many hype and gossip to appear. This year the customer enthusiasm, unprecedented depreciation, because users generally will at least until a new generation of products released later start to depreciation action.
He also noted that this year, iPhone 4 depreciation rates appear very strange peak, after all, a mobile phone is we need time. Those who have depreciation of the user is likely to have another cell phone, they just want to iPhone 4 depreciation before its changed hands.
The same depreciation rate up and see iPhone 5 and iPhone 4

These symptoms have part of the reason is because the media has recently reported in the apple in October 4 to the release of the next generation iPhone news. And there's news that apple in addition to release iPhone 5 besides, still can have a low-end model iPhone 4 S.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Stone Age "double version open beta leopard grain beauty amorous feelings kinds

You can still remember ever, in 2011 ChinaJoy wins think network elaborate fake many fantastic activities? CJ, wins this year with classic think network Q version online turn-based the Stone Age "and the latest up" the sword of soul OL magazine strong landing CJ; Whether the shine of the booth, beauty ShowGirl, or sent out every day, including iPad2 iPod Touch4 digital and surrounding the prize at the scene of the activity, have been the numerous of favorite players and attention! That you remember CJ wins this year best booth Rolls-Royce range of leopard grain beauty?

2011 ChinaJoy how large event less's beauty, a large number of sweet but person, very those who raise the ShowGirl, wearing a primitive clothing appeared in wins, think network booth attracted a large number of the player's cheer!!!!! In addition, wonderful COSPLAY performance is also win the best network booth of a large window; Including a primitive style "Stone Age" and strong Chinese colour "the sword of soul OL" COSPLAY costume, professional and excellent performance of COSPLAY, attract numerous players attention by the industry, friends and the player's consistent high praise! Next, let's review the beauty of elegant appearance! Leopard

Monday, September 19, 2011

$99 tablet pc not reality

HP Tablet PC the Touch iPad has long been poor. But when the company recently put the product price adjustment to $99, of the tablet computer quickly sold to out of stock. So people can not help but ask: $99 will not is the future trend of the tablet PC?
Since HP has openly declared will retire from the tablet computer market, so will the company to the rest of the tablet computer product sale today. But it also give the public an illusion, think that $99 will be used for a tablet computer from rich to show off products with mobile phones and laptop computer as the popularity of the public product of transformation a turning point. But analysts pointed out, $99 is not a reality of the retail price, because the tablet computer after all is not a toy.
Market research institutions of HIS iSuppli analyst Rhoda Alexander display (Rhoda Alexander said: "the TouchPad low selling just tablet computer in the market of a special case, because HP is going to exit the market, and they actually sell to such low completely is a loss of business."
According to iSuppli's a tear open machine analysts provide data shows, assembly an HP's total more than $300 to the TouchPad and components, it doesn't include the installation of the software and assembly of products of workers labor cost. These costs add up the total amount of the current tablet computer and the apple iPad 2 or the cost of about $326 is similar.
Professional and machine the co-founder iFixit website Kevin WeiEnSi (Kevin Wiens) said: "from the point of view of production, at present, we still don't have the ability to launch price of less than $100 tablet computer, it is almost impossible. And in the present market condition of cheap tablet PCS are very poor in quality."
According to the market Research institutions to provide the data display of ABI, iPad 2 has become a global tablet computer last year the biggest selling products, and occupy the tablet computer 85% market share. The product's price for 499 dollars, and then for a long time will remain at this price nearby.
But HP's TouchPad before the commencement of sale, its foundation of price for 399 dollars.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

360 result version released android mobile phone browser main cloud favorites function

September 19,, after the news PC version and Pad version browsers, 360 after the company recently introduced quietly mobile phone browser Beta Co., mark the official version into mobile phone the browser market.

In 360 the browser updated TechWeb found on page 360, has continued in on September 17 and 18 September 360 mobile phone launched two of browser version, the products are Beta Co. is applicable to Android mobile platform.

According to data show that 360 mobile browsers have navigation, gestures, download documents, quick operation control, whole intelligence article input, the address bar association composite function, cloud favorites safety sharing, the left column personal space, and other functions. One of the cloud favorites function become the difference of the main advantage.

This is 360 in the browser market and the one action. With free software market advantages, safety in the PC field 360 browser have dominated certain advantages. According to statistics and data center CNZZ baidu's report, the browser field, 360 PC security browser and the window of the world holds nearly 20% market share, far higher than in addition to Microsoft IE (60% share of sogou, Google) outside the Chrome, tencent TT etc rivals.

According to analysys international industry data released "the second season in 2011 China mobile browser market quarter figures showed China's monitoring of third party browser users mobile phone number steadily, and the scale of the second season in 2011 to break through 159 million, up 13.4%; annulus comparing And, the China mobile browser is expected to third party next few quarter growth active users will be in the 11% to 13% range. At the top of the domestic mobile browser a large market share of the browser, UCweb mobile phone QQ browsers.

On the other hand, it also marked the beginning of 360 mobile phone into comprehensive client products field. Before that, the 360 has launched a mobile security guards, mobile phone antivirus, mobile phone IM products such as a message.

Before this, the chairman ZhouHongYi was in 360 Internet meeting said in the mobile platform will make more exploration, he thought, the Tablet PC era of Internet giant has been made, but in wireless Internet field, have more chance to challenge giant. "We already have a PC and Internet browser software on their steward, and we will also explore new direction."

1 GHz chip DaBing intelligent mobile phone LG Marquee will real machine

Thursday, September 15, 2011

On power independent research and development software tablet pc memory capacity analyzer available

Memory capacity parsers
1. Will the compressed package accessories "memory capacity parser-D6EF" to extract the-memory capacity parsers. Apk
2. Will "memory capacity parsers. Apk" program to copy machine.
3. In Lord of the tablet pc interface menu click on the "APK installer-choose to" install "choose "Internal with Memory"-choose "Memory capacity parsers. APK" program-choose "installation". After installation can use.
4. Use methods: in the main menu select "memory capacity analyzer can for memory capacity."
A. "memory" for the total amount of memory used machine capacity
B. already use memory: for a machine of the memory capacity, has occupied the capacity in general is not visible to the user.
C. available memory: for a machine for can use at present, the capacity of the capacity is not absolute. It will be on the installation procedures and use process about the number.
5. Need to use or to view the memory capacity, the firmware version must be V2.01 version above just can be used or check. If not, please check capacity when the first time to check whether the firmware version V2.01 version above the firmware. If not, please go to on power technology driven download sites to download the new firmware.
6. This tool is suitable for: T720 series tablet pc and other use ANDROID2.1 late version of the tablet pc series

Highest V2.01 version for the follow-up to the official web site of electricity download shall prevail (it has been linked to download site) of electricity.

V2.01 solve improve the following questions:
1. The machine in data copy material process, new HOME flash hints.
2. Machine during charging, new HOME flash hints.
3. Solve browse individual ebook, font size not unified.
4. Adjust to return to key long press at the same time open rotation function.
5. In standby menu screen added "never to be automatic dormancy" setting function.
6. In the Settings menu of new memory information
7. Solve ES in task manager of memory information display error problem.
8. Charge capacity to 99% after the concert, the problem of noise broadcast appears.
9. The tip box testing new headphones function.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Internal news says iPad will be held on April 24 the worldwide release

Laptop, laptop computers, apple, apple ipad, apple ipad, appleipad,, the worldwide release, news, a new notebook news leaked information display, apple or have Canada and the overseas market ipad launch date for lock on April 24. Allegedly part of store employee with the Canadian apple was told to in 24, 25 days standby, and can't leave at will. In view of the apple iPhone 3 GS in the ready to start and other main products has issued to employees, so outside believe apple asked to move for 24, is keen to reserve enough manpower.
Apple iPad now official says only in Canada and the eight other countries will launch date at the end of April, and no exact time. If apple decided to settle in the world on the same day on a Saturday, so on April 24, will be the last term. If the above is true, follow the us domestic date scheduled to deliver goods from the three weeks interval, overseas will open to booking on April 2 namely on this week.

In India push two paragraphs (MTS) Android mobile phones

Android mobile phone
Russia has issued a statement (MTS) India company says, will today introduced two new Android smartphone of. The two pieces of mobile phone for MTag (MTS) respectively 3.1 (huawei C8511) and zte N600 Livewire (MTS). The two pieces of mobile phones and are running qualcomm Snapdragon processor, S1 support CDMA ev-do REVA technology.
MTag equipped with a mobile phone (MTS) 2.8-inch capacitive touch screen, the display resolution 240 x 320, with 3.2 million pixels camera, rear and equipped with a TV (MTS) application allows users to watch live TV, video playback support. It also supports voice search function, equipped with a 3.5 mm headphone socket.

In addition, mobile phone, in addition to MTS about Livewire it will support CDMA ev-do network, and would enable users to easily connected to a Google services, such as YouTube, Gmail, Google Talk and Google maps, and no more outside to disclose details.

MTag (MTS) (l) and MTS Livewire (right)

The new intelligent mobile phones will run Google Android 2.2 Froyo operating system, and will be included in the price in less than 5000 rupees ($RMB697 yuan) within the confines of the mobile phone. Android system at present already in India's mobile phones and tablet computer manufacturers in the "virus type" spread.

Less than 5000 rupees series Android smart phones, obviously make out in the competition was held in MTS certain advantages, but eventually they performance and complete specifications to determine the success of mobile phones.

According to C114 understand, for Russia and cis (MTS) as the region's mobile operators. The controlling shareholders (MTS) for Sistema, in India operations for Sistema and India Shyam main body of the group of SSTL (joint venture operators Sistema Shyam TeleServices).

Monday, September 12, 2011

Japan NEC rolls out intelligent tablet computer cost $8300 (chart)

LaVie Touch tablet PC
September 13 morning news, Japan NEC yesterday announced, will be on sale October 6, intelligent tablet computer "LaVie Touch", and suggest price for about 100000 yen (about 8292 yuan). Users can easily enjoy the Internet fun, still can install in supporting device as a normal computer use after.
"Touch" LaVie of the operating system for Windows7, with 10.1 inch Touch screen; The Intel ling (1.50 GHz) move Z670 processor; Equipped with 2 G cache, 64 G dynamic hard disk, 1.3 million pixels camera; Support for bluetooth, WiFi; Battery life ability 10.6 hours; The weight of 729 grams.
In addition, users with DVD drive in installation of the multimedia workstation "after" can be when computer use. The product can also use wireless keyboard and mouse, to be convenient for the document editing operation. (Mcbub)