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Thursday, September 15, 2011

On power independent research and development software tablet pc memory capacity analyzer available

Memory capacity parsers
1. Will the compressed package accessories "memory capacity parser-D6EF" to extract the-memory capacity parsers. Apk
2. Will "memory capacity parsers. Apk" program to copy machine.
3. In Lord of the tablet pc interface menu click on the "APK installer-choose to" install "choose "Internal with Memory"-choose "Memory capacity parsers. APK" program-choose "installation". After installation can use.
4. Use methods: in the main menu select "memory capacity analyzer can for memory capacity."
A. "memory" for the total amount of memory used machine capacity
B. already use memory: for a machine of the memory capacity, has occupied the capacity in general is not visible to the user.
C. available memory: for a machine for can use at present, the capacity of the capacity is not absolute. It will be on the installation procedures and use process about the number.
5. Need to use or to view the memory capacity, the firmware version must be V2.01 version above just can be used or check. If not, please check capacity when the first time to check whether the firmware version V2.01 version above the firmware. If not, please go to on power technology driven download sites to download the new firmware.
6. This tool is suitable for: T720 series tablet pc and other use ANDROID2.1 late version of the tablet pc series

Highest V2.01 version for the follow-up to the official web site of electricity download shall prevail (it has been linked to download site) of electricity.

V2.01 solve improve the following questions:
1. The machine in data copy material process, new HOME flash hints.
2. Machine during charging, new HOME flash hints.
3. Solve browse individual ebook, font size not unified.
4. Adjust to return to key long press at the same time open rotation function.
5. In standby menu screen added "never to be automatic dormancy" setting function.
6. In the Settings menu of new memory information
7. Solve ES in task manager of memory information display error problem.
8. Charge capacity to 99% after the concert, the problem of noise broadcast appears.
9. The tip box testing new headphones function.

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