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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Stone Age "double version open beta leopard grain beauty amorous feelings kinds

You can still remember ever, in 2011 ChinaJoy wins think network elaborate fake many fantastic activities? CJ, wins this year with classic think network Q version online turn-based the Stone Age "and the latest up" the sword of soul OL magazine strong landing CJ; Whether the shine of the booth, beauty ShowGirl, or sent out every day, including iPad2 iPod Touch4 digital and surrounding the prize at the scene of the activity, have been the numerous of favorite players and attention! That you remember CJ wins this year best booth Rolls-Royce range of leopard grain beauty?

2011 ChinaJoy how large event less's beauty, a large number of sweet but person, very those who raise the ShowGirl, wearing a primitive clothing appeared in wins, think network booth attracted a large number of the player's cheer!!!!! In addition, wonderful COSPLAY performance is also win the best network booth of a large window; Including a primitive style "Stone Age" and strong Chinese colour "the sword of soul OL" COSPLAY costume, professional and excellent performance of COSPLAY, attract numerous players attention by the industry, friends and the player's consistent high praise! Next, let's review the beauty of elegant appearance! Leopard

Classic Q version online turn-based the Stone Age "2.5 elf king legend," Stone Age "8.5" the big adventure of demon open beta test is open! And in the CJ wins the leopard grain beauty YuanLouTing best booth, a lovely? Say tiger tooth younger sister, since the CJ tries out "the Stone Age" later, was the game KeAiTao gas pet, pure and fresh and unique style, the colorful activities deep to attract!

You also don't join to primitive "Stone Age", together with the leopard grain to make a beauty!!!!!The Stone Age "is a new subject, easy recreational Q version 2 D turn-based online, once with pure and fresh classical chic style, mystery novel world view, and rich interesting play some impressive, known as the" Q version 2 D turn-based ancestor online." At present, the "Stone Age" follow-up research and operation by the guangdong overcome think network technology Co., LTD. Is responsible for everything. In the latest open the Stone Age "in the open beta test, in addition to fresh content a lot of 8.5 moyu big adventure version, with many more than the Stone Age" loyal players demand, open widely anticipated the Stone Age "2.5" elf king legend "version server. Cultivate the card wow Iraq, to stimulate the prehistoric pet of the war, and estate interest is very prehistoric "Disney" paradise, as many as 1125 when you play the original map for you to explore, countless unheard-of tide play some critical challenge waiting for you. In addition to countless classical content, the daily activity of the unprecedented outside, the most to force the honor of the value, the passion, the individual infinite mall, brilliant wonderful tournament play and system has also releasing...... In this lovely and interesting prehistoric world, you will create a period of unprecedented of adventure.

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