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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Apple Android5.6 academy release

Mobile Internet and the prevalence of smart phones, power, people are used by mobile phone reading, and of cell phone reading had the higher request, just through the WAP pages to read, could not find the pleasure of reading, cannot enjoy reading books of paper feeling. Palm academy focus mobile reading, the launch Android5.6 academy to Android, palm user brought not the same wonderful; Palm academy is China's most famous mobile reading software, to for 650 million mobile phone users to provide the high quality service, is reading wireless mobile phone software industry pioneer and leader.
Enjoy the paper books read feeling

Clothes make the man, for mobile phone software for reading, good UI design will give the user to bring ShuangXin and pleasing to the eye, like reading experience personally, general faster enjoy the pleasure of reading. Paper books have been used to bring our reading experience, handheld academy Android5.6 a new UI design, let us enjoy the paper books like reading feeling.

"The qing dynasty ten evaluated" with traditional style of archaize to read, "super classic a small joke" fashion, bright eye with the style of reading; The new UI, let users in the "tradition" and "fashion" between the choice. 360 ° comprehensive simulation flip effect, authentic reduction of paper books, reading experience in marketing. At the same time, apple Android5.6 academy to more convenient to simplify the user reading style, the environment needs, also set up DuoZhong style, let you read easily at no cost eye.
The human nature in the reading Settings

How to let the user can more quickly and more intuitive, read is palm academy focus of concern, the palm Android5.6 academy comprehensive optimization local to read the menu, let more intuitive operation, the more direct; Can be convenient to add bookmarks, the next chapter, jump, the automatic reading, search, interactive operation. And simple local book scanning and import function, books batch import bookshelf and multi-function file browser let users feel close, make reading so simple.

If you download the books, reading format TXT up is the feeling of tears have no book section, TXT books information, cannot undertake section preview, want to read the particular chapter, only to find the full text, much time and energy, and palm, fully automatic Android5.6 academy will to TXT the chapters of the rapid extraction, let you of the TXT read chapters more freedom to jump.Ipad

And 10000 books to share

"Alone le le than the le le", express your reading feeling, goes out of your flowers, hit out your eggs, with the most direct ways to support you like and dislike of books, if you think which text is good, you can share with friends. And the books 10 million palm academy share books bring us moved and gain; At the same time, you can speak, write in the book you read feel, suggestion, comment, can be directly and the author of books and online interactive communication.

Comprehensive optimization online bookstores

The list, new book city, blockbuster express recommended, palm Android5.6 academy comprehensive optimization online bookstores, books, and a full support update download, so that users can follow reading; The rebirth of the acura's son ", "my sister is a beauty", "yao month myth", "cool President and qiao maid", "culture revelation" and so on, as long as you want to see palm academy will have great, online, urban: Mafia, romance, and campus, and the world, military, history, those work, XianXia......  cell phone mini e7

The magnitude of the reading resources, accord with reading of the UI design, the operation of the human, and at the same time can and 10 million books a timely interaction, this is apple Android5.6 academy brings you a new feeling; Palm designed for reading and design academy, bring you perfect reading experience, let you from now on to love reading, and concentrate on reading, from reading and get happiness, from reading to the improvement of yourself.

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