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Monday, October 31, 2011

Modern phone instead the future tablet? Similar Kinect same operation mobile phones

In the U.S. market, south Korean mobile phone manufacturer Pantech (Pantech) mainly sells the Android phones and the low end to give priority to dozen of the text message function smart phones. But, pantech also send force to high-end smartphone. In its latest Android phone published Vega LTE, pantech into an enlightened me technologies--kind of Kinect gestures operation.

The technology comes from Israel's eyeSight Mobile Technologies. In the official in the introduction, eyeSight mentioned the technology can be deployed in a broad range of mobile devices (laptop, mobile phone, GPS), even if is low quality of the VGA camera, with the eyeSight of the advanced algorithm, still can get relatively accurate gestures operation experience. At present, the known gestures including to the four winds, waving, and shake, cover, pat, and so on.

Established in 2007, apple the new standard of touch operation after the input method in recent years on the few great breakthrough. Perhaps, most people have the satisfaction of very intuitive touch the gesture. But in some special cases, touch is still will bring a few problems. For example, the driver when driving in the setting of the GPS to adjust, housewives in wash dish to cook to answer the phone... At this time, without it touching screen gestures operation will have animations. Pantech official in order to better demonstrate the technology, also published a propaganda video. Video, when a lady hands with flour and could not because of the touch screen, she just will hand over the screen with a wave gently to the left, to complete the action of phone calls, the experience is quite good.

However, apple currently in Siri compared the attempt, the operation of such Kinect way has the limitation of the function. Just because we now mobile equipment is becoming more and more complex, with the increasing number of instructions, gestures the complexity of the operation will also surely will be corresponding ascension. This, to a certain extent, but also caused the user's burden of memory.

Pick up the gestures operation technology Vega LTE phone will before November in South Korea on local, what the cellphones gestures operation really able to pop, we'll see it's market performance. Also welcome readers and share your love snowboarding progresses about information input new ideas.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

History's most creative cheap Tablet PC SONY Tablet S

Sony Table S tablet PC is the concept tablet computer since its appearance, now only a extraordinary creative products. It is bold breakthrough tablet computer inherent image, the more comfortable to hold a, safely scroll type shape design, into human engineering of the force of lay particular stress on design concept (holds just fell in the palm center near, so feel lighter and more stable) for a single hand users easier to control.

Sony Table S tablet PC brings the innovation is not only reflected in a single form only, it is more of in the user experience on the direction of integration innovation. It into two original technology: fast browsing and quick touch, the so-called "quick touch" means to continuous and steady induction touch operation, let the touch screen to react more quickly, quick and accurate, effectively remove conventional touch screen response is slow, jump screen, the operation not coherent faults. On the other hand "fast browsing" technology is used mainly in the network browsing level, it can greatly shorten the join web page display of waiting time, simple principle is this: in the open a web page, the application first read the text then is pictures, multimedia and other content (existing third party already had similar browser technology).

The user experience on the direction of integration innovation also include other two points: intelligent remote control and cool slippery, in fact this is the cause of most interested in the place. First from intelligent remote control to start, Sony Tablet S Tablet computer can be used as a learning intelligent infrared remote control (need Sony special general remote control software to realize), you can take home TV, air conditioning, acoustics, DVD players, and other equipment on the remote control Sony Tablet S Tablet computer to study the function, and then Sony Tablet computer and can be used as a remote control plate to these equipment to fully control.

Another important "cool row" depend on to the realization of the function of Sony Tablet S Tablet computer itself of the wireless network, can borrow from DLNA "family entertainment network" and also support the function between the equipment, the picture, realize music video sharing. It looks like the function is very complex, actually in use you as long as ensure home TV, computer, acoustics, mobile phones and other devices are on the same LAN can, and then open the Sony Tablet S Tablet computer on the pictures, music, video, through the "cool row" function in these devices will be on display.

It said the related hardware, never before release you can certainly know the, the processor, memory, etc are not than is available now with weak tablet computer. In fact is so so, Tegra2 dual-core 1 GHz processor frequency, 1 GB memory / 16 GB and 32 GB hard drive, the 9.4-inch 16:10 (WXGA: 1280 x 800) TFT LCD display, 5 million pixels rear camera, support for bluetooth, wireless, SD card, gravity acceleration sensors, the luminosity sensors, etc, this some whole. The last is the price, 16 GB (3688 yuan), 32 GB (4488 yuan), with the apple iPad exactly the same price, attention is WIFI version.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

ThinkPad plate industry is faced to what change

Tablet PC is it??????? As practitioners, editor always trying to answer this question, Bill Gates has ever made such a definition: "is at least X86 framework, from Microsoft puts forward the concept of the tablet computer products on look, tablet computer is a need not flip, no keyboard, small enough to put in lady handbags, but function complete PC."

From all kinds of products can be today, whether they are of the world for iPad or free system about half of the people and occupation policy Android tablet computer system are not X86 framework, the current stage of the X86 framework of the flat is very little. Another ARM architecture in the tablet computer that we are unable to complete the programming, and other functions, that is most of the flat does not have the complete functional PC.

Editor here under a protects the definition: to touch screen as the main operation mode, volume is small and exquisite, with most of the function of the general PC of PC mobile terminal.
The tablet computer appear very early, but really get into our vision of apple or iPad, a tablet computer in a few short years from a drop of water to the iPad now almost all PC, mobile phone, other digital equipment manufacturers of a deluge. The tablet computer virus spread and because of what?

Have such a large demand, so have technical advantage of this should earn big manufacturer of piles, and so why would be HP TouchPad and blackberry PlayBook such prospects example? Some say that system, but actually system of consumption demand is behind the satisfaction.

The function of the computer application to achieve by, for most people, buy the computer consumption demand only has two parts, one is the office, and is entertainment. A good operating system will have the number and kinds can satisfy all the people almost office and entertainment applications. And Linux, Unix even Mac in this respect do all not equal to Windows, so Windows now is still use most of the operating system. Tablet computer also is so, WebOS and BLACKBEERY OS's can't meet the needs of the consumers, nature will be eliminated.

The two big demand for consumer, entertainment and office, now of the two systems are based on the open market entertainment, so slowly tablet computer was thought to be the entertainment primarily products, for part of the people may be so. But for other more people of the plate is the main USES more than that.

We are now in addition to entertainment, use more of the tablet PC in modifying the document, the minutes of the meeting, the schedule, matters, sending and receiving financial or accounting reminder Email, to check the weather, GPS navigation. Flat in gradually to individual life, office assistant in that direction.

See now released two days prior to the Android 4.0 and iOS 5, Android 4.0 face recognition lock, no doubt, is to the personal information to further improve the safety, in the update function in the creation of a folder or but voice mail, calendar or schedule is scaling view Gmail offline copy paste is to optimize search, or contact application integration social network information. None of the performance of the ascension of the office. And some of the apple iOS5 update function even is applied to the iPad Siri speech assistant proved flat in mobile office and personal assistant on the determination.

From the above mentioned all signs on look, flat industry demand or whether the corresponding provide all center in a little bit of direction to the office. This move is steady, solid and irreversible. Windows 8 advent, many world class manufacturer has spent its camps, and we know that the Windows office applications is strong, it is willing to Microsoft AnQianMaHou manufacturer is one of the main reasons why.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Playbook with Android 2.0 is closer to the OS

On 28 September 2010 blackberry Playbook tablet PC released its first challenge apple's iPad, after a year later in 2011 blackberry developer conference, its shows OS2.0 development version of the system, one of the largest window is in 2.0 system will include Android App Runtime of the program, designed to support the Android the execution of the program library. Unfortunately even Playbook have in our country in the latest release but Hong Kong OS2.0 system still don't see Chinese module shadow.

Compared to the first OS1. X system OS2.0 UI screen in there are obvious different, second version 2.0 upgrade to the AIR, Flash for Although OS2.0 was a development preview version, but since Beta was marked the sign of the hand that as long as you can experience the Playbook system, we need only to blackberry's website to register a developer ID can be. Below each netizen like the author to feel the change of the Tablet OS2.0 under it.

The OS2.0 Beta version of the firmware is not through the system comes with the OTA update feature implementation, can only through the BlackBerry Desktop Software to manually to upgrade. Then the author to demonstrate how Playbook from x system upgraded to 2.0 system.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Supernote can let you in a lot of good tablet notes

Tablet computers have become a lot of people do notes choice, pen to write is one way, but this time we are coming to see application software. Asus Eee Pad Transformer and Slider flat firmware air to upgrade to Android 3.2.1 can get this kind of Supernote software. Officials say it will give the class notes bring a comprehensive reform.

As you can see, this application allows through an external keyboard or finger touch input. At the same time application can also touch input text convert graphics, you can have seamless modifications (zoom-in) or delete, like your typing as free as the editor. It will also according to the input speed you convert a or a group of graphics. Also it is convenient to insert the pictures or chart, the official provides a quick notes Add Annotation insert options, can let you in the lecture notes quickly call charts. Supernote also support the photos, if you take notes too late, it can be taken directly in class on the blackboard content of professor, after class to slowly understand. Of course, the premise is you have to let your teachers believe that you do in the notes, a studious students, and not playing the angry birds.If your fly touch is achieved the level, what will you do?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Survey: 11% of American adults use the tablet PC

Pew research center and the economist group cooperation for Excellence in Journalism conducted a about the American adults use the tablet PC research published this week in the report, the report shows that 11% of American adults have tablet computer, most of which are apple iPad/iPad2.

Surveys show that in these flat owners, 77% of them every day to use tablet PC, showed that the user is not impulsive or follow suit and buy tablet computer. The report points out, flat users use tablet computer every day on average 90 minutes to do all sorts of things, send and receive E-mail is the most commonly used, 54% of the flat owners use tablet computer to send and receive E-mail.

Social networks are flat another main USES, 39% of the flat owners use flat to log on social networks, 30% of owners use flat play the game, and 17% of the flat owners use flat to read, 17% of owners use flat see video, the owner of the 77 at least once a week to get news through flat, 66% of owners use flat to browse the web. Survey also found that only 14% of the flat owners will buy paid content.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

7 inches high frequency entertainment Newman T7 tablet

GeChang shangdu showed a special skill than teething, including domestic manufacturers Newman played quite active, every launched what do, P8, P9 N7, NP720 etc, small size products, in the domestic market has a good performance, today the author and got a 7 inch model-T7, compared with the previous products would be any different?

· Appearance design hardware parameters

Newman T7 7 "tablet PC equipped with the resolution for 800 x 480, USES the capacitive touch technology, support more touch, brightness and color saturation to play well, this machine has four big picture compensation technology, the first support dynamic adjusting brightness, second dynamic contrast control, and then is intelligent image correction technology, and finally the motion compensation technology, can to a certain extent improve picture.

Newman T7 tablet computer equipped with the ARM Cortex-the A8 processor, 1.2 GHz main frequency, support OPENGL ES2.0 latest 3 D standard, has a 2 D, 3 D performance, with 512 MB memory capacity, built-in 8 GB storage space, pre-installed Android 2.3 operating system.

The small size is suitable for single hand holds, to black airframe adopt ABS engineering plastic material, limitless screen design conforms to the current mainstream design, from positive to see, the screen edge of the front camera very grab an eye, it is the main purpose of taking pictures or video chat use. In addition to shu ya gray color matching model outside, still have a Roland purple to choose from.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Modern lady style Benyi M2V

This Benyi M2V (fashion version) use a metal to one body, the simple sense is very excellent. This machine equipped with a 8 inch capacitive touch screen, the resolution for 800 * 600. This section type with the M2 appearance before very similar, but internal configuration are essential changes. It is reported, this easy M2V (fashion version) by ARMCortex-the A8 mononuclear, up to 1 GHz frequency, and equipped with 512 MBRAM memory and 8 GBFlash flash memory. This easy M2V (fashion version) carrying Android2.3 operating system, compatible software very rich. In addition, this product still obligate 3G module port, with 4000 ma lithium battery, can reach six to eight hours of use time. This easy M2V not only is the product performance from the inferiority of products before, and work is very excellent, the whole body the use of a large number of metal elements, appearance close to a smaller version of the iPad, and now this product to sales is 999 yuan only, cheap price is enough. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

MOTOROLA confirm Xoom flat will upgrade Android 4.0

Although the market by recent rumours that Google acquisition, MOTOROLA Xoom will become the first paragraph upgrade Android 4.0 what they're selling Sandwich tablet PC. Recently MOTOROLA official technical support BBS posts confirmed Xoom will get promoted.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

HP staff is expected to be the last turn to get low price TouchPad

HP's $99 low TouchPad jilt goods caused hyperinflation, but also want to buy this kind of overflow flat friends can be to be disappointed, HP last batch of low will lead the TouchPad provide internal employees.

Sources said, recently HP senior vice President Stephen Witt (Stephen DeWitt) sent a letter to the staff of the internal E-mail says, the company last TouchPad tablet computer will mainly for internal staff sales, from September 28 at 9 a.m., employees can be $99 or $149 purchase price of the 16 GB, 32 GB version, each one can buy one device.

HP has now stop the production of the TouchPad, the delivery of the tablet will also provide a low price has order before the consumers, not to order the consumers will no TouchPad.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Malata Zpad T2 creative, need keep waiting?

WanLiDa in Zpad T2 market after sellers, releasing the WanLiDa Zpad T6 WiFi, WanLiDa Zpad T6 in performance not only inherited the T2, T8 strong performance and hardware configuration, but also increased the GPS navigation function, and is the first launch 3D navigation tablet PC. The more surprising is that at present market price for introducing T6 only 2199 yuan, super high price you still waiting for what.

WanLiDa Zpad T6 WiFi tablet computer using NVIDIA Tegra2 dual-core 1 GHz in Richard device, NVIDIA GeForce graphics chip, low power consumption version 8 GB hard drive and resolution for the 8.9-inch 1024 x 600 display. The tablet computer support 3 D GPS navigation (need custom), can play 1080 p (1920 x 1080 resolution) video, support Flash10.1 etc. Function.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Livefan 3GNET M7 OS Review

Double system: Win7, set Android

Front we have mentioned, Livefan 3 GNET stroke by dual system is the world's first seven inches tablet computer, it has built-in Windows 7 and Android 2.2 operating system, can be in the two systems to switch between optional, office entertainment will give full consideration to, and switch to andros system, and can provide for the more long standby time, ensure the plenty of life. Intel processor in the drive, the two systems can be smooth operation.

Through the Windows 7 and Android 2.2 switching between two systems, Livefan 3 GNET M7 can not only provide users with similar laptop the operation, also can let the user experience to andros the application of the system, like we use the tablet PC android system as well.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

High-end capacitance screen RAmos Table PC W3HD

Recently, the national tablet computer brand's MuMu collect new launched a new 7" tablet computer W3HD, sound yue remit W3HD is digital to the market's blues second paragraph high-end capacitance flat products, configuration ARM Cortex series processor core and 512 MB DDR3 memory operation, at the same time W3HD have to more games with a widescreen can good compatibility. This section type of the listed price 899 yuan, provide cost-effective.
W3HD has a high resolution screen, 1024 x 600 resolution for 7 inch size of flat panel display bring delicate, PPI value as high as 170, tie-in portable 7 "volume, make W3HD become care about the efficiency of the players on the screen the first choice of one of the plate.

Sound W3HD remit to accept the original Andriod2.3 system further optimization and modification, custom-built ebook reading, electronic magazine, online video software and the rest of the 10 applications, the new system to join the global navigation bar inside, the more efficient realize application page, homepage, all kinds of switching between program.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

16 million pixels capacitance screen HXPAD700R review

HXPAD700R tablet computer bridge by 7 inches more touch capacitance screen, with 16 million color to reach 800 x 480 pixels, image shows clearly fluent, read the books, games in handling and the web surfing can be good visual experience. The current market price is 2688 yuan.

HXPAD700R flat land bridge using a whole the popularization of black, the screen size for 7 inches, it can be said that based on the tablet computer proportion design of products, for the users feeling with us is very suitable, especially in reading ebooks, one hand to hold a longitudinal can easily to flip slide operation. In order to meet the various users watch way, this machine has into gravity induction G-Sensor chip, can at any time according to the use of the screen to change direction Angle of sensitive adjustment. HXPAD700R also support the bridge DuoZhong music, video format, pictures, ebooks, truly audio-visual barrier-free.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Le Pad A1 to blow national entertainment wind

It seem there're not too much links between tablet PC and handheld game, the first with the performance of the almighty to attract more and more users, the latter with more professional game experience pose, however, with the tablet computer, lower prices of the original harmonious market also ushered in the first, especially against recent lenovo joy Pad A1 one thousand yuan price flat, after the price of the handhelds moments and flat, for most consumers, watching movies, on the Po, sending and receiving E-mail applications, the currency is indispensible buying machine friends will face difficult choices.

First of all about age level problem, if the handheld game user division, but surely, under the age of 30, mainly in the majority consumer after 80, after 90 people primarily, this kind of electronic products users are very familiar with, flash, crack, escaped from the prison work comprehensive, objective and technology only one, to play. If the tablet computer user division, then age tend to be higher, down to the beginner children up to the old man, once, could be the tablet computer users.

Why such a difference, it is mainly because the product itself attributes of the decision. Handhelds, portable gameplay good experience is also good, but the screen size is small, and operation for the child and the elderly users, to fit high difficulty; Tablet PCS general has larger screen display space, and the main operation is difficult to fit the touch, small operation experience, get the market must, so if the children or old man, tablet computer use was more suitable for some.

Another important difference is that a tablet computer, with the performance of the almighty, and the main attack game handhelds, so many everyday applications cannot in good experience on handhelds, like bo, see online video germination, email applications such as tablet computer almighty fix, PSP, 3 DS this kind of product most of the time, I can only play the game, and to often travel for most users, at the same time take handhelds and tablet computer, obviously is not possible.

The same is to play games, tablet computer and handhelds or is there a big difference between, general tablet computer on the main to the majority, casual games for all age layer, though relatively simple picture, but can play sex but not on sale, such as we are familiar with plants, fruit ninja zombie war, angry birds, is became popular in the world people of all ages and game. 3 DS also has a strong game, but not really quality for everyone, such as the working busy office worker or the old man child, and often called time killer game handhelds, tablet PC, compared to see the game application relatively easy, with the experience of playing in the more suitable for most consumer groups.

A is popular global handheld game, a big drop in prices is a tablet computer, prices are locked in the one thousand yuan, difficulty of all is not very high, if you are gamers, choose two machines are not wrong, they can be used as a complementary in the gameplay. If you are an office worker or students, then choose to tablet computer on spectrum some more, because it not only has a great game function, the performance of the almighty wider application. In addition to his own use, both active in the present market, so you can follow as a gift as the principle.

Why the Kindle Fire is charming?

Kindle Fire to say the most attractive of course is the price of the Kindle Fire it, $199, than originally everyone expected still lower $50, the price is the most cheap iPad 2 price 40%, than the same is 7 "blackberry PlayBook price low price and lenovo, its many music in the United States for the Pad A1 is same, but lenovo's configuration than Kindle Fire, in the supplementary resources is still far behind, so next month the Kindle Fire listed, almost can judge in the United States is the music sales associate die Pad A1.

Kindle Fire tablet computer hardware is very good, 7 "1024 x600 resolution LCD screen looks as if it is not well, not much on market it is more rare 7 inch LCD, IPS is very wide Angle, protection and realize the LCD touch the function is famous Gorilla glass, corning, most of the metal, the Gorilla glass helpless, so you can put the Kindle Fire very optional and key items, put in the bag and don't have to be careful will be scratch.

Kindle Fire can offer 8 hours of life, even if is continuous play video, also can achieve 7.5 hours, the life ability in 7 "the model is great, but the Kindle Fire the weight of 412 grams and 11.4 mm thickness is not super-lighted, should also because of the built-in large capacity battery's sake!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Silicon valley web start-up companies the average valuations nearly decrease half

Silicon valley start-up enterprise began to appear some network of funds. Most of the time this year, Facebook and other companies in the silicon valley led to a start-up enterprise of interest. But investors and entrepreneurs say, with small network company quantity already springing up development, some company recently find it difficult to get in new money.

These are the people who say, forcing some entrepreneurs looking for financing "bridge", or cut their requirements of the valuations.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Dell Android tablet computer poor sales changes ios to Windows 8

Dell Android tablet computer in a disappointing sales, the company will focus on the development of Windows 8 tablet computer.

Dell CEO Michael Dell (Michael Dell) says, the company and Microsoft have Windows 8 alliance.

Dell said, Android is another opportunity, but the market and development to the expected level.

Last week the popular Android desktop wallpaper theme

Lovely Space travel desktop theme

Travelling theme to the happiness

Sunshine warm desktop theme

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Anyone can do Android App, it will be

Open Android in stability at 2.3, after open the mysterious pandoras box, cat, dog, can do their cell phone, price butcher's knife, zero profits have already not waving the fresh, Several million Taiwan after the money into mainstream, and began to lose in the upper sustain the user GMS Android is also a everyone can come in BaiTanEr flea market. "This is the author recently in micro bo see on a text, the spokesman is one of famous mobile phone manufacturer executives, competent and market of work, and views the natural appearing a shares hit the nail on the head of flavor.

Facts, indeed, LianFa families in the MT6573 chip listed in the third quarter of the mass, the $one thousand Android smart phones has completely open door, dual mode double stay and long standby, these MTK in 2 G era drawbacks stunts have claimed the 3 G and Android mobile phone, its brings the direct consequence of fortress manufacturer is finally found "blood" smartphone breakthrough. The author on the Internet information searching, and in many machine BBS found the fortress $499 Android smartphone and dual mode figure, double to stay under $1500 Android smartphone, also can be found everywhere. Ask, if the same two paragraphs

Android2.3 system by phone on the front of everyone, a as long as one thousand yuan or so, but the hardware configuration change; A is to 3000 yuan of above, but just a few bigger screen, you will choose which money? Anyway, the author is not hesitate to chose the former. This may also is Android system with open principle to mobile phone manufacturer bring trouble.

Not just smart phone market, in the tablet computer, MID market, Android system equipment is also into the same problem-manufacturers make money more and more difficult to less and less. In domestic upstream to the push of chip venders, MID and tablet computer equipment such as Android in waging fierce "bleed" competition. 7 inch screen 8 GB of memory Android2.3 equipment 599 yuan, which is now the new price are MID manufacturers introductory line. And in PC manufacturers camp, lenovo in 11 of the long holiday sales promotion way out seven inches of $1000 offer low flat plate, a day on taobao will achieve the perfect machine sold thousands of constructions record. So straightforward price war, for consumers, of course, is a good news, but for around Android system is launched the brand planning long-term market makers, but not is good thing. Especially homebred brand, the price war means inertia to rob the size of the market, can let sales performance looks, but an opportunity to build up the brand reputation is likely to miss it. Of course, business is business, as long as no lose money, with the quantity on the low with the practice of it and not too much for manufacturers of wrong, but didn't also it is these manufacturers yelling for Android system of intelligent characteristics through involve mobile Internet market? How so quick and to go back to the focus on selling hardware old?

Deep research, the author thinks that the biggest "fault" is still open. Android itself To know that Google is through the search term of to make the advertisement, do the basic purpose of Android or hope to have more mobile users use its search business, because only the user use the keywords ranking to sell a good price!

Friday, October 7, 2011

From jobs of the privacy

A few hours ago, jobs buried.

Funeral for small private party. To protect privacy, and I wonder if the funeral location outside. He died in the family, issued a statement end also said: "we ask you this sad period in respect our privacy."

But, mining, but some people celebrity privacy consistent tendencies. Today's newspaper, not someone to Steve jobs "passionate", "and high school girlfriend with a female" with relish experience?

Jobs which global attention, died fans and condolences, its influence has been big, far more than political figures. As an entrepreneur, enjoy the AiRong, is unprecedented. The sight, quite can ponder. Even, will "pink" for jobs, as enthusiasts era of transformation of a small sign, also have not cannot.

If we agree to the significance of existence, jobs, then, to commemorate his extraordinary, should not go to adored his privacy, but should the spirit of his inheritance.

An jobs: "the difference between a leader and a follower is that innovation." "Apple" has been used to the "pink", and may not be the imagination, if it was not the innovation of the jobs, what lies.

Steve jobs go, his products, has been implanted our life; His spirit of innovation, the more when implanted inside us.