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Friday, October 28, 2011

Playbook with Android 2.0 is closer to the OS

On 28 September 2010 blackberry Playbook tablet PC released its first challenge apple's iPad, after a year later in 2011 blackberry developer conference, its shows OS2.0 development version of the system, one of the largest window is in 2.0 system will include Android App Runtime of the program, designed to support the Android the execution of the program library. Unfortunately even Playbook have in our country in the latest release but Hong Kong OS2.0 system still don't see Chinese module shadow.

Compared to the first OS1. X system OS2.0 UI screen in there are obvious different, second version 2.0 upgrade to the AIR, Flash for Although OS2.0 was a development preview version, but since Beta was marked the sign of the hand that as long as you can experience the Playbook system, we need only to blackberry's website to register a developer ID can be. Below each netizen like the author to feel the change of the Tablet OS2.0 under it.

The OS2.0 Beta version of the firmware is not through the system comes with the OTA update feature implementation, can only through the BlackBerry Desktop Software to manually to upgrade. Then the author to demonstrate how Playbook from x system upgraded to 2.0 system.

The blackberry developer account application is very simple, only need you to enter the PIN code and the email machine can, this email will become the authentication whether you for developers to sign.

The next step is to system upgrade process, here we first have to download the Blackberry device specific Desktop tools Blackberry Desktop Software, and then put the Playbook connected to the computer can. And as for account, use the Blackberry Desktop Software upgrade for the process of Playbook also is very simple.

In LaoBan program drawer interface each classification by the system automatically application is classified, and in the new system can have a player to arrange application program appear where page, page indication of also become the Android system similar appearance, and at the same time DuoGe applications also can be placed in a folder.

Blackberry TabletOS2.0 system in the most dazzling update from this version is start Playbook can run Android system of the apk program, of course, is not simple direct operation, but we need to manually conversion can be. If you two are ready before we can officially began to use packing process, the first and most important is a key to apply for a signature. In two mail received in two accessories with, one of which is RDK (RIM Development Key) is also the blackberry Development of keys, and still another is PBDT (PlayBook debug token) that blackberry tablet debugging token. There are two things we can displaced good application to sign, and commissioning.

Compared with the process of application package, transmission process and simple some, here we need to bring DDPB Installer this software to finish the work. The transfer of the work ahead we first have to let the Playbook into developers Mode, we need only in the setting of Security-Development Mode and then choose the "Use Development Mode" switch on. The new DDPB Installer interface a gorgeous, the interface is the frame of the shell Playbook, but you should be able to clearly see it on my computer shows some problems, maybe is the program to Win7 is a system of support or 64 is not very good, but don't delay we use.

The author yourself only found a compass application can smooth conversion for bar files, other applications are more or less meet some problems, so the author found in the Internet and some foreign players make good bar file and took them to the Playbook tested, specific effects look at the text below. Finally can play on the Playbook angry birds, this Tablet OS2.0 before launch is impossible, but in 2.0 system to join the Android application running environment at least we can in the Playbook after the angry birds see the figure, everyone should also pay attention to the author here with the "at least" of the word, is this why? That is because it really just let "angry birds" can run up, but speed is really not a pretty sight. The author also tested Google maps and a compass program, can be in operation on the Playbook, operational efficiency and the fluency is better than the angry birds, the angry birds or too card.

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