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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

16 million pixels capacitance screen HXPAD700R review

HXPAD700R tablet computer bridge by 7 inches more touch capacitance screen, with 16 million color to reach 800 x 480 pixels, image shows clearly fluent, read the books, games in handling and the web surfing can be good visual experience. The current market price is 2688 yuan.

HXPAD700R flat land bridge using a whole the popularization of black, the screen size for 7 inches, it can be said that based on the tablet computer proportion design of products, for the users feeling with us is very suitable, especially in reading ebooks, one hand to hold a longitudinal can easily to flip slide operation. In order to meet the various users watch way, this machine has into gravity induction G-Sensor chip, can at any time according to the use of the screen to change direction Angle of sensitive adjustment. HXPAD700R also support the bridge DuoZhong music, video format, pictures, ebooks, truly audio-visual barrier-free.

Internal integration gravity induction G-Sensor, can put the optional horizontal or vertical use, interface on corresponding picture of the body rotation namely random automatic adjustments, user-friendly watch images; To play a lot of gravity induction game, not only can exercise balance ability, reaction tongli, and interest is dye-in-the-wood.

HXPAD700R memory for 256 M DDR2, 4 GB built-in Flash storage, random attached to the 4 GB of TF card. A 3.7 v 4400 mAh battery lithium-ion polymer battery, non-stop video case, use the time for up to seven hours.

In addition, the content of the strong support of the computer is one of the features: exclusive offers the SAGA legend "ebook and video series full set of resources to meet the demand of the scientific lovers; Exclusive AnYe market provides Chinese education resources, for students, white-collar workers provide of the side of "private teacher".

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This paragraph 7 inches capacitance screen with a land bridge HXPAD700R tablet computer, its small airframe is very easy to carry, finger control feeling also relatively smooth sensitive, to busy office worker, at ordinary times in the subway or wait for the bus, see ebook play small game, almost all of this tablet computer can do those function at this cheap price.

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