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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

High-end capacitance screen RAmos Table PC W3HD

Recently, the national tablet computer brand's MuMu collect new launched a new 7" tablet computer W3HD, sound yue remit W3HD is digital to the market's blues second paragraph high-end capacitance flat products, configuration ARM Cortex series processor core and 512 MB DDR3 memory operation, at the same time W3HD have to more games with a widescreen can good compatibility. This section type of the listed price 899 yuan, provide cost-effective.
W3HD has a high resolution screen, 1024 x 600 resolution for 7 inch size of flat panel display bring delicate, PPI value as high as 170, tie-in portable 7 "volume, make W3HD become care about the efficiency of the players on the screen the first choice of one of the plate.

Sound W3HD remit to accept the original Andriod2.3 system further optimization and modification, custom-built ebook reading, electronic magazine, online video software and the rest of the 10 applications, the new system to join the global navigation bar inside, the more efficient realize application page, homepage, all kinds of switching between program.

W3HD provides DuoZhong video without conversion of live function, covered video MKV, AVI, RMVB, WMV, of which DuoZhong video application hardware decoding, also can through the third party software increase to support and other subtitles, will W3HD with HDMI transmits images to TV sets in, can see by all my large family, also can use OTG connection move hard disk, read one of the video files, through the remote control for operation control of the film.

W3HD this product used the 8 GB Flash memory space, front and rear camera, the price is very substantial.

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