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Monday, October 31, 2011

Modern phone instead the future tablet? Similar Kinect same operation mobile phones

In the U.S. market, south Korean mobile phone manufacturer Pantech (Pantech) mainly sells the Android phones and the low end to give priority to dozen of the text message function smart phones. But, pantech also send force to high-end smartphone. In its latest Android phone published Vega LTE, pantech into an enlightened me technologies--kind of Kinect gestures operation.

The technology comes from Israel's eyeSight Mobile Technologies. In the official in the introduction, eyeSight mentioned the technology can be deployed in a broad range of mobile devices (laptop, mobile phone, GPS), even if is low quality of the VGA camera, with the eyeSight of the advanced algorithm, still can get relatively accurate gestures operation experience. At present, the known gestures including to the four winds, waving, and shake, cover, pat, and so on.

Established in 2007, apple the new standard of touch operation after the input method in recent years on the few great breakthrough. Perhaps, most people have the satisfaction of very intuitive touch the gesture. But in some special cases, touch is still will bring a few problems. For example, the driver when driving in the setting of the GPS to adjust, housewives in wash dish to cook to answer the phone... At this time, without it touching screen gestures operation will have animations. Pantech official in order to better demonstrate the technology, also published a propaganda video. Video, when a lady hands with flour and could not because of the touch screen, she just will hand over the screen with a wave gently to the left, to complete the action of phone calls, the experience is quite good.

However, apple currently in Siri compared the attempt, the operation of such Kinect way has the limitation of the function. Just because we now mobile equipment is becoming more and more complex, with the increasing number of instructions, gestures the complexity of the operation will also surely will be corresponding ascension. This, to a certain extent, but also caused the user's burden of memory.

Pick up the gestures operation technology Vega LTE phone will before November in South Korea on local, what the cellphones gestures operation really able to pop, we'll see it's market performance. Also welcome readers and share your love snowboarding progresses about information input new ideas.

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