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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Asus tablet improve their develop paltform

The market for tablet computer, asus has always been very valued, its chairman ShiChongTang personally leading products design practice quite have the apple demeanor. And in the system and the hardware, asus also quite rich exploring spirit, in recent exposure of a asus tablet product strategy plan in the future, we will see, asus has begun in the second half of next year layout flat market, including through Google and Microsoft Windows8 android, a variety of flat products is gaining momentum.

In this product plans, we can see that asus is the second generation of the EeePad Transformer product EeePad Transformer Prime (listed in the mainland will likely officially started for the EeePad TF201) on November 9, released officially, this kind of tablet computer using NVIDIA Tegra 3 four nuclear processor, and in the system, because listed earlier, Google Android 4.0 is not complete test, EeePad Transformer Prime will likely using built-in Android 3.2 system listed first, and then again to push users to upgrade the strategy of Android 4.0.

More interesting is, this plan on the other two also shows that the result of the existence of the tablet computer, asus officials say the new tablet PC is a "market exploratory" and "design revolutionary" products. Computex 2011 in because, we've already seen a variety of asus tablet product prototype, so in fact it is not difficult to guess the new flat products will be:
Padfone-this is in Computex 2011 show on asus conceptual product, Padfone the flat panel base + smartphone design, flat in the base only retains the touch screen and a battery, and core operations and data storage is completed by smart phones. The Android system smart phone may be used alone, and insert flat base, can through the HDMI and USB interface into a tablet computer mainframe.

EeePad Memo-this is the same in Computex 2011 show on asus products, asus to this product propaganda language is "personality tablet computer to attack," the EeePad Memo 7 inches in design, at that time has claimed main 3 D, equipped with capacitance pen and remote remote control and other accessories. But with time delays EeePad Memo did not appear, want to understand a final version of the EeePad Memo what, I'm afraid I still need to wait for a period of time.

In fact, asus will EeePad tablet computer into the market and two Windows market two parts, in 2011, two tablet computer and failed to shake the apple iPad in flat market dominance, so in continue to release two tablet computer at the same time, asus also in brewing out using Microsoft Windows 8 tablet computer.

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