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Friday, November 11, 2011

Android 4.0 for x86 optimization?

Intel spokesman has said: "Ice Cream Sandwich on x86 framework includes the optimization of the code, so Intel processor with the equipment can run Ice Cream Sandwich." In fact, Intel's comments are misleading statement may ingredients, fact no imagination of so good.
Let's try to understand the Google choose Android each big version partners process (such as the MOTOROLA Honeycomb 3.0, 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich of samsung) : all vendors offer (including Android device all accessories, such as qualcomm, the suppliers such as TI, NVIDIA SoC provider as well) fair competition, the performance of the previous version is also important reference factors (performance toughness, released on time, of course, add cent, if temporary rework or bug PinChu that next time he didn't you lots).
Pick a partner after, only Google and equipment production, SoC manufacturers to have the right to own this version of Android source code access, modify permissions. Other manufacturers have to wait for the new version the Source code into Android Open Source Project (Android Open Source Project).
For Ice Cream Sandwich for, at present, only Google and samsung (may also have TI) hands were the source code. The future (the fastest, perhaps in November), ICS source code will enter Android open source project, other manufacturers to their platform can be optimized. The front on ICS Intel to optimize the x86 statement what is going on?
In fact there are, the more time than imagination early. In the past two years has been to Intel in Android open source project and Google's developer department for the patch on x86, now if you download Android 2.3.7 source code in cheapest android 2.3 tablet, and can build a native (but not through the simulator) operation platform in the x86 version.
When Google release a new Android version, open source projects and developers of
the department will results contained in it. At present, including Intel, ICS on all optimization of code in a relevant department by Google for processing and integration in, now know what is the meaning of Intel said it.
All in all, except the samsung beyond, all the other manufacturers including NVIDIA and Intel, qualcomm, etc., are standing in the same base line, only Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich officially open source to their families after possible platform specific work.

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