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Friday, November 25, 2011

Theory & Idea go forward

35 Pad is 35 Internet based on cloud computing, the launch of the cloud service mode of series end products, to provide new wireless application service solutions. Through the organic integration enterprise email (35 PushMail), enterprise micro bo, enterprise office automation system (35 PushOA), customer relationship management system, the advantage of cloud services will be comprehensively to the business office in every situation. In the more than office, still can use 35 Pad tablet computer, anytime, anywhere, reading, leisure entertainment, nervous, for the fast pace of business life happy with meaning.

35 the hedgehog concept--to simplify the goal, go forward. In the world of
hedgehog no "trival, complex, difficult, challenge" of this word, they know the nature of the deep thought is simple. A hedgehog pay attention to things, and not of the highest order for blind goals, zenithink upad c71 review the best strategy, it more attention is combined with environmental factors, analyze the individual/team/where the enterprise can be the most professional, best, perfect interpretation "specialize in" meaning. The indomitable spirit is just the hedgehog advocated by 35 Pad. 35 Pad only hope like little hedgehog, break through a variety of difficulty, solve the problem, continuously surpass ourselves, for terminal consumer provide the best quality products and service, we would be this little hedgehog to a series of tests.

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