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Sunday, November 20, 2011

ISuppli: amazon Kindle Fire hardware cost $203

Market research firm iSuppli of dissembling report on Thursday, the listing of the latest Kindle Fire amazon tablet computer hardware cost about $203, slightly above the product of market price for $199.

ISuppli of basic confirmed report taken apart, and the market suspected basic consistent, amazon Kindle Fire sales are losing money. In addition to is hoping to prove the Kindle Fire outside sales, amazon Kindle Fire users through hope to sell more of digital media and virtual goods. ISuppli analyst Andrew Russ vhailor
(Andrew Rassweiler) said the company Kindle Fire on the cost analysis is still in the works, and the future may be trimmed the final prediction results.

Russ vhailor says, are a few examples to show that the amazon Kindle Fire intentionally to minimize the hardware cost. Most of the tablet computer include the 8 GB DRAM memory, but the Kindle Fire of memory is only 4 GB. In addition, the Kindle Fire is only 8 GB of flash memory to store chip, and iPad into 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB range. Amazon's Kindle Fire also omitted some other functions, such as the camera, bluetooth connection and more expensive wireless chips, and so on. Russ d saying, "amazon all the options are to minimize the cost of hardware."

ISuppli report showed that the Kindle Fire in the accessories manufacturers in, Texas instruments is certainly the biggest winners. In the Kindle Fire of the accessories, from Texas instruments for about $25 parts total price, accounting for about 12% of the cost of raw materials. But it's expected to in the near future, this part of the Texas instruments the cost of the chips will fall to about $12. In addition, the Kindle Fire display suppliers for LG electronics, touch screen controller chip suppliers for a not too famous company Ilitek.

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