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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Newman model NP900 Android 2.3 tablet proxy

Newman's a robot tablet, NP900 model, the hardware specifications of the is 8 inches, 4:3 ratio of capacitance touch screen, the resolution for 1024 * 768. For ARM cortex A8 processor core, the main frequency 1.2 GHz, 512 MB memory, 16 GB of storage space, the built-in dual cameras, support TF card expansion and USB expansion (3G ShangWangKa, U plate), if you put on the latest QQ PAD version, it can realize the video calling, machine son also available sensors/light sensor gravity, have played out and hd output, and modern H900, is also RK29XX plan, this approach is now in many commercial launch, down further the Android 2.3 tablet overall prices, and now we are looking forward to is Android 3.X tablet army, but in the hives system application or too little, I believe that the end will spread out of the war.

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