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Monday, November 7, 2011

Extraordinary experience- Zenithink C72 performance

We C72 nice different from with Zenithink Z102 tablet  do more detail appearance evaluation and UI appreciation, know Zenithink C72 is a nice appearance fashion frivolous, and launch Android 3.0 interface flat, Cortex A9 core, it has 512 MBDDR2 memory, 1024 x600 high resolution LCD screen and the touch screen of five capacitance 7 inch plate, support Wi-fi, but it's an average of just 7.7 mm thick, weighing just 304 grams, light see these parameters are enough to make many players move, today, small make up just for bringing these machines performance evaluation.

Zenithink nice C72 equipment information list
Through the above can see these machines system version is Android 2.3.4

Previous we refered about 

zenithink zt-280 c91 buy with 1024 x600 Zenithink C72 high resolution LCD screen color strong expressiveness, reductive degree is high, and the overall visual clear and natural, but visible Angle narrow. Zenithink C72 browsing the web effect, in Wi-fi of signal strength-50 of dBm, open 1 pad. Cn speed about 5 seconds.

Zenithink C72 web browsing local features.
Video client to watch online video, video cover loading speed is faster, click on the news information class clips, into the broadcast time is about four to six seconds, but, in addition to the machine configuration outside the speed should depend on the wireless network state.

Wi-fi network signal strength of the unit is dBm (mw db), general use a negative said, normal signal range from 110 dBm changes (poor) to dBm (good) between, by test Zenithink C72 distance wireless router 5 M intervals a wall, Wi-fi signal strength test for-50 dBm (good), it was very good similar with zenithink e72 upad.

Zenithink C72 as a main frivolous 7 inch plate, in hardware configuration has a lot of advantages, it screen color strong expressiveness, playing many 3D game process is fluent, web browsing and online video loading speed, the local broadcast hd video without color piece stagnation feeling, even for small mobile office, and can meet the demand for daily use, if you can accept it up and down "panel design side wide, might as well pay close attention to these machines. 

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