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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Music to sell 1000 piece Pad A1, do you still wait?

Apple iPad first launched the series products of occupied the tablet market, after many brands have launched their own products. Including the newly listed associations lePad A1 series machines. Lenovo le Pad A1 the frivolous portable 7 inches body design, overall for domestic users for localization design, provide the user with the mass of free application. But also will be low price advantage to acme, 2 GB of storage music association music Pad A116GB Pad A1 price is 1000 yuan only, 16 GB lenovo le Pad A1 offer also however 1399 yuan.

This product and apple's iPad 2 the distinction that having essence. Lenovo le Pad A1 suitable for don't like apple iOS system of complex domestic users. For beginners of simple and easy operation manual also reflected the intimate design of this product.

This section type based on the result of the system claddaugh rotates inside a traditionally-designed box UI design, this is the lenovo tablet PC one big characteristic, music Pad S1, K1 notting have is not used to this one design. "Four leaf" and the middle of the ICONS are can own customized by the user, the left is the claddaugh rotates inside a traditionally-designed box starter button, on the right by can directly into andros system Settings, built in wcdma 3g tablet pc.

Music Phone from lenovo to some application store was very good passed down, with the passage of time, the number of software stores more and more. It also provides a foreign game free version, it also can be happy family of products a highlight.
From the above contrast figure can see 7 inches, and 9.7 inches music Pad A1 the apple iPad 2 flat weight difference, lenovo le Pad A1 outstanding product portability, outdoors support GPS navigation, built-in antiroll frame is designed to provide better protection of the fuselage, suitable for often go out in the outside of users with you wherever you go.

Compare prices as high as three thousand yuan of the apple iPad 2, lenovo le Pad A1 with its degrees unique advantage. Lenovo le Pad A1 portability is good enough, to run smoothly most applications is a problem, it's like we are familiar with the notebook product line, to a few applications and buying expensive high equipment products appear very nothing, and the cost of the more with in other aspects, such as to join the claddaugh rotates inside a traditionally-designed box interface, magnesium system antiroll frame, improve product quality from value is feasible.

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