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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dark Sky: temperature: no, no humidity, no wind's weather forecast

No temperature, humidity, wind no no, without these can also be called the weather forecast application? Dark Sky is.

And the traditional the weather forecast is not the same as the application, Dark Sky focus of concern is not a whole the general situation of the weather changes, but the next one and a half hours of how the weather changes. Will you have a question: can only an hour and a half the application of weather forecast, can have DuoDa application value?

We like to see the weather forecast, because we don't want to just go out and then a downpour. However, common the weather forecast reported only one day the temperature change of the range, also told us today may have rain, but it can't tell us today when it rains.

From a practical point of view: "today may have rain" this sentence of value is not as "the next hour no rain".

OK, now we use Dark Sky, it can tell us before go out, an hour and a half in the future if there is rain, when it rains, how long. So, we can make a decision whether to should carry an umbrella decision. The weather forecast in no way we go when we do for the decision, but the Dark Sky can.. Look at the two open how to introduce the application:
In the user use, Dark Sky will display a horizontal axis and the horizontal axis, the horizontal axis shows sales time, every 10 minutes a scale. The horizontal axis of the above shows strength, below the discretion of the possibility that forecast. So accurate shows the result of a weather forecast, despite the Dark Sky don't report temperature, humidity, wind, but users can figure out whether the door should be integrated with an umbrella.
The background of the application, the dynamic display of the weather changes will be.
To explain the application developers use of the American public the Weather Service National Weather Service data, what they do is work on data "processing", "clean up", "convert", to boring data into "everybody can understand" coordinates.

At present, the Dark Sky is search view android or a project on Kickstarter, accept all donations, start-up only 4 day he received $7772 in contributions.

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