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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Leave please turn back the wisdom of Ten 2 tablet and you can go together with it

The call, mother in that first asked, smiling, "when home? The day was cold, you have to take the past the thick clothes wear......" And for an instant, the mind mercilessly pain the next, holding the phone seriously said "next weekend must come back". Hung up the phone, mind the memory of were but does not write all, this feeling is very funny, mind very block, want to do something to ease. Turn out the wisdom Ten2, want to go to wisdom turns over book reading, almost see at a glance LongYingTai shelf of the watch, "nest on the sofa pick up the warmth of the past.
 Some open wisdom read, bookmarks to retain the last time have read the soul be "there, but it happened just want to look up from. Have to say the wisdom Ten2 is absolutely reading slashing, its built-in ZhiQi exclusive development by the PDF reader software wise read,
let users in the Ten2 wisdom easily on the smooth read all kinds of PDF books and magazines, and at the same time can follow the written notation, fully simulate real reading notes. At the same time in reading, read the wisdom can also help you to the best content directly to the bo or share of friends and family mailbox. Wisdom of the electronic magazine mall read readers never leave home have a fresh reading resources.
Look at these words, you will feel the aggressive brutal cried "Chinese cheap capacitive tablet, why don't you angry" woman in meditation time and in the life, has become quietly elegant, halcyon, wen wan, she in time the family role for the woof, walk on "daughter" and "mother" between the dual role, with fine brush sketch way, draw the outline of every inch of the time of the kindred of the touched their "figure". With the fingertips slide gently, page constantly upgraded, those sporadic memory slowly as a clear context Mosaic present. Finish see she sent her son HuaAn school that clips, fingers will not stop perception, memory is only slightly block, just as clear pictures of movie playback in mind. Mother sent me to the primary school at that time, I turn into the corner, never turn back, leave her a man in the street of the leader to send me to leave; When he was in university will I send to the airport, I in the long ranks of waiting for security, she stood outside, with eyes followed the back of me, inch move forward. Perhaps that time she is waiting for me at a glance back and I was not even never care about.

As LongYingTai said "a lot of times is not we go to see parents of figure, but under the eyes of their chase and accept their persevered, not rest assured, eyeful watch." Parents know that some things can only be you a person do. Some close, can you a person. Some road, can you go. They just smiling looked in there every time you leave and waiting for you next time return.
Put down his wisdom is Ten2, quiet sat there, seems to be able to hear the voice of the blood flowing in. Yes, time will not to any one person or one thing with affection, in the passage over and after just understand, this world, never anyone, as well as his parents, love you as life. Drip into the heart of the pool that dripping ink is not the words in silence or the love of parents, already no longer important, only know that drop Chinese ink slowly swings open, light is not successful.

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