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Monday, November 21, 2011

The original word 7 "N12 capacitance tablet to win the market

September this year, the original word N12 with 599 yuan price d-will, caused the industry a exclaimed. 7 inch capacitive screen RK2918 flat price so far from 799 yuan to 599 yuan, low low. Recently, the original word adjust again N12 price to 499 yuan, 499 yuan to deal with much money with flat challenge to consolidate their low prices flat in the market leader. And the same flat compared to the original word N12 has flat capacitance, toughened glass panel and front camera etc advantages, and other similar flat in order to save costs, more or less in the above three aspects with reduction. These a few respects consumers are usually easy to overlook, only being the same system parameters confused, but after using hand but will find the details for the importance of flat experience. Today we'll come first talk about flat capacitance, see flat capacitance and concave capacitance on consumers gap in where?

Flat capacitance let operation barrier-free

For the tablet computer, it touch human-machine exchange, the dialogue is the most important method, the direct, face to face of the operating mode, and PC are worlds apart. On the PC, we depend on the handling of the keyboard + mouse combination realized, in a flat plate, the keyboard + mouse functions will be realized in the touch screen, the importance of the touch screen you can imagine. Now the capacitance screen on the market can be divided to two-concave type capacitance screen and flat capacitance screen. Concave type capacitance screen around the screen of a border restriction, when the pilot to touch the borders, interrupt operation carefree feeling. And concave type capacitance screen borders around easy access to dust, hard clean, even difficult patch are greater than flat capacitance screen. And flat capacitance screen flat capacitance does not exist around the screen touch blind Angle block, the operation is the space becomes more big, fine operation more accurately. Flat capacitance screen wipe clean, easy and unibody design is not easy to shift and more strong.
Flat capacitance game experience is preferred

Two popular platform, the huge market for large game companies to launch two versions of the game, two game company system be bestowed favor on newly. Some users in choosing a tablet computer, always the chip configuration from flat, starting with the purchase of the desktop thinking, users think that as long as the master, configuration data enough for game requires configuration, can give the user the perfect game experience. Little imagine tablet computer and PC different, PC we can himself in the match a keyboard, mouse, or perhaps a large size of the screen, and we in buy tablet computer, it has to pay for the functional fittings. As we play games is the simple sense of accuracy and care about the mouse, flat screen computers for our game experience also have crucial role. Flat capacitance screen and concave type capacitance screen in the game on the touch has a different experience. Concave type capacitance screen around the screen of a border shackles, no matter be recreational game "cut fruit", or large game "dungeon guardian", use concave type capacitance screen, the operation is is limited in the screen framework, cannot reach a porch. Because that border, the game operate there will be blind Angle, some subtle operation in border cannot be completed. Flat capacitance screen is no such problem. Because the screen bezel and the unibody design flat capacitance screen operation with more big, in the game they won't touch bezel block phenomenon, especially the live football 2011 "such need simulation direction key games in flat capacitance screen control clouds flowing water, no obstacle.
The international big flat by all flat capacitance

Apple iPad tablet computer design is regarded as the supreme classic, iPad also USES flat capacitance screen is to increase the sense of touch user experience. Other big such as samsung, many international HTC, MOTOROLA and so on also all the flat capacitance screen. The representative of the international big shop sign is not only the leader of flat, but also quality standards. Domestic manufacturer for the international brand of after although has been "on the road", but always specific development along the track. android 2.3 tablets capacitance screen tablet computer is the direction of development, concave type capacitance screen has many shortcomings, is destined to be a transition products.
Why will exist concave capacitance flat?

Since the concave type capacitance screen has so much is insufficient, why there are still many factories on the market is still to be flat with concave type capacitance screen? The answer is, due to the cost into consideration. Concave type capacitance screen cost price lower than the flat capacitance screen, for technological requirements of the manufacturer also is much lower than the flat capacitance screen.

The above we analyzed the flat capacitance screen in flat the advantage of the consumers must be about how to choose and buy a low-cost capacitance flat is already fairly well. In 499 yuan with price, the original word N12 did not and other rivals on the screen to save costs, still using flat capacitance screen, compared with the prices of flat rate higher, certainly will more favored by consumers.

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