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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The function 7 "d think jie S7H review

Small make up today to introduce this kind of tablet computer is a 7 inch 1024 * 600 pixel high marks the tablet computer screen-d think jie S7H. Of course d think jie S7H not only has excellent display effect, and it also equipped with a good performance of the 1 GHz samsung PV210 processor, for the chip believe that people are not strange, RMVB format video broadcast in performance than RK2918 though slightly weaker, but the game is very strong performance. 512 MB memory fully covered, 4 GB of flash memory also belongs to the normal configuration, carrying is Android2.3 system, support WiFi, bluetooth. At the same time d think jie S7H also built-in GPS and 3G (EVDO/WCDMA) module. Another dimension S7H also equipped with best jie and double camera, lead 1.3 million pixels, or 2 million pixels. Can say d think jie S7H should be at present domestic 7 inch tablet computer configuration of higher, and the function is the most complete a product.
In the best look d S7H jie is more compact, typical of the black and white collocation. Black positive only a camera and four common touch buttons, the reverse side USES and the border one-piece construction, coated with white piano lacquer that bake. In general is more beautiful. In the interface, d think jie S7H equipped with power source, 3.5 mm awei headphone interface, MiniUSB interface, HDMI, TF card slot and the SIM card.

In the same system, the decision of the experience of the tablet computer main has two big key factors, is a tablet computer processor, another is the tablet computer screen. And in the screen resolution of the effect is more important factors. The listing of the recent 7 "screen tablet computer high is more and more, and as a 7 inch tablet computer now is, at this 800 * 480 resolution are behind The Times, the resolution of the display effect is very general, and many particles feeling, visual experience to sell at a discount greatly. And higher resolution bring is undoubtedly the better display effect, the picture is more clear and fine and smooth, so that the flat to more comfortable with it.

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