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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

7 inches high frequency entertainment Newman T7 tablet

GeChang shangdu showed a special skill than teething, including domestic manufacturers Newman played quite active, every launched what do, P8, P9 N7, NP720 etc, small size products, in the domestic market has a good performance, today the author and got a 7 inch model-T7, compared with the previous products would be any different?

· Appearance design hardware parameters

Newman T7 7 "tablet PC equipped with the resolution for 800 x 480, USES the capacitive touch technology, support more touch, brightness and color saturation to play well, this machine has four big picture compensation technology, the first support dynamic adjusting brightness, second dynamic contrast control, and then is intelligent image correction technology, and finally the motion compensation technology, can to a certain extent improve picture.

Newman T7 tablet computer equipped with the ARM Cortex-the A8 processor, 1.2 GHz main frequency, support OPENGL ES2.0 latest 3 D standard, has a 2 D, 3 D performance, with 512 MB memory capacity, built-in 8 GB storage space, pre-installed Android 2.3 operating system.

The small size is suitable for single hand holds, to black airframe adopt ABS engineering plastic material, limitless screen design conforms to the current mainstream design, from positive to see, the screen edge of the front camera very grab an eye, it is the main purpose of taking pictures or video chat use. In addition to shu ya gray color matching model outside, still have a Roland purple to choose from.

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