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Monday, October 17, 2011

Le Pad A1 to blow national entertainment wind

It seem there're not too much links between tablet PC and handheld game, the first with the performance of the almighty to attract more and more users, the latter with more professional game experience pose, however, with the tablet computer, lower prices of the original harmonious market also ushered in the first, especially against recent lenovo joy Pad A1 one thousand yuan price flat, after the price of the handhelds moments and flat, for most consumers, watching movies, on the Po, sending and receiving E-mail applications, the currency is indispensible buying machine friends will face difficult choices.

First of all about age level problem, if the handheld game user division, but surely, under the age of 30, mainly in the majority consumer after 80, after 90 people primarily, this kind of electronic products users are very familiar with, flash, crack, escaped from the prison work comprehensive, objective and technology only one, to play. If the tablet computer user division, then age tend to be higher, down to the beginner children up to the old man, once, could be the tablet computer users.

Why such a difference, it is mainly because the product itself attributes of the decision. Handhelds, portable gameplay good experience is also good, but the screen size is small, and operation for the child and the elderly users, to fit high difficulty; Tablet PCS general has larger screen display space, and the main operation is difficult to fit the touch, small operation experience, get the market must, so if the children or old man, tablet computer use was more suitable for some.

Another important difference is that a tablet computer, with the performance of the almighty, and the main attack game handhelds, so many everyday applications cannot in good experience on handhelds, like bo, see online video germination, email applications such as tablet computer almighty fix, PSP, 3 DS this kind of product most of the time, I can only play the game, and to often travel for most users, at the same time take handhelds and tablet computer, obviously is not possible.

The same is to play games, tablet computer and handhelds or is there a big difference between, general tablet computer on the main to the majority, casual games for all age layer, though relatively simple picture, but can play sex but not on sale, such as we are familiar with plants, fruit ninja zombie war, angry birds, is became popular in the world people of all ages and game. 3 DS also has a strong game, but not really quality for everyone, such as the working busy office worker or the old man child, and often called time killer game handhelds, tablet PC, compared to see the game application relatively easy, with the experience of playing in the more suitable for most consumer groups.

A is popular global handheld game, a big drop in prices is a tablet computer, prices are locked in the one thousand yuan, difficulty of all is not very high, if you are gamers, choose two machines are not wrong, they can be used as a complementary in the gameplay. If you are an office worker or students, then choose to tablet computer on spectrum some more, because it not only has a great game function, the performance of the almighty wider application. In addition to his own use, both active in the present market, so you can follow as a gift as the principle.

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