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Saturday, October 29, 2011

ThinkPad plate industry is faced to what change

Tablet PC is it??????? As practitioners, editor always trying to answer this question, Bill Gates has ever made such a definition: "is at least X86 framework, from Microsoft puts forward the concept of the tablet computer products on look, tablet computer is a need not flip, no keyboard, small enough to put in lady handbags, but function complete PC."

From all kinds of products can be today, whether they are of the world for iPad or free system about half of the people and occupation policy Android tablet computer system are not X86 framework, the current stage of the X86 framework of the flat is very little. Another ARM architecture in the tablet computer that we are unable to complete the programming, and other functions, that is most of the flat does not have the complete functional PC.

Editor here under a protects the definition: to touch screen as the main operation mode, volume is small and exquisite, with most of the function of the general PC of PC mobile terminal.
The tablet computer appear very early, but really get into our vision of apple or iPad, a tablet computer in a few short years from a drop of water to the iPad now almost all PC, mobile phone, other digital equipment manufacturers of a deluge. The tablet computer virus spread and because of what?

Have such a large demand, so have technical advantage of this should earn big manufacturer of piles, and so why would be HP TouchPad and blackberry PlayBook such prospects example? Some say that system, but actually system of consumption demand is behind the satisfaction.

The function of the computer application to achieve by, for most people, buy the computer consumption demand only has two parts, one is the office, and is entertainment. A good operating system will have the number and kinds can satisfy all the people almost office and entertainment applications. And Linux, Unix even Mac in this respect do all not equal to Windows, so Windows now is still use most of the operating system. Tablet computer also is so, WebOS and BLACKBEERY OS's can't meet the needs of the consumers, nature will be eliminated.

The two big demand for consumer, entertainment and office, now of the two systems are based on the open market entertainment, so slowly tablet computer was thought to be the entertainment primarily products, for part of the people may be so. But for other more people of the plate is the main USES more than that.

We are now in addition to entertainment, use more of the tablet PC in modifying the document, the minutes of the meeting, the schedule, matters, sending and receiving financial or accounting reminder Email, to check the weather, GPS navigation. Flat in gradually to individual life, office assistant in that direction.

See now released two days prior to the Android 4.0 and iOS 5, Android 4.0 face recognition lock, no doubt, is to the personal information to further improve the safety, in the update function in the creation of a folder or but voice mail, calendar or schedule is scaling view Gmail offline copy paste is to optimize search, or contact application integration social network information. None of the performance of the ascension of the office. And some of the apple iOS5 update function even is applied to the iPad Siri speech assistant proved flat in mobile office and personal assistant on the determination.

From the above mentioned all signs on look, flat industry demand or whether the corresponding provide all center in a little bit of direction to the office. This move is steady, solid and irreversible. Windows 8 advent, many world class manufacturer has spent its camps, and we know that the Windows office applications is strong, it is willing to Microsoft AnQianMaHou manufacturer is one of the main reasons why.

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