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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Survey: 11% of American adults use the tablet PC

Pew research center and the economist group cooperation for Excellence in Journalism conducted a about the American adults use the tablet PC research published this week in the report, the report shows that 11% of American adults have tablet computer, most of which are apple iPad/iPad2.

Surveys show that in these flat owners, 77% of them every day to use tablet PC, showed that the user is not impulsive or follow suit and buy tablet computer. The report points out, flat users use tablet computer every day on average 90 minutes to do all sorts of things, send and receive E-mail is the most commonly used, 54% of the flat owners use tablet computer to send and receive E-mail.

Social networks are flat another main USES, 39% of the flat owners use flat to log on social networks, 30% of owners use flat play the game, and 17% of the flat owners use flat to read, 17% of owners use flat see video, the owner of the 77 at least once a week to get news through flat, 66% of owners use flat to browse the web. Survey also found that only 14% of the flat owners will buy paid content.

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