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Sunday, October 30, 2011

History's most creative cheap Tablet PC SONY Tablet S

Sony Table S tablet PC is the concept tablet computer since its appearance, now only a extraordinary creative products. It is bold breakthrough tablet computer inherent image, the more comfortable to hold a, safely scroll type shape design, into human engineering of the force of lay particular stress on design concept (holds just fell in the palm center near, so feel lighter and more stable) for a single hand users easier to control.

Sony Table S tablet PC brings the innovation is not only reflected in a single form only, it is more of in the user experience on the direction of integration innovation. It into two original technology: fast browsing and quick touch, the so-called "quick touch" means to continuous and steady induction touch operation, let the touch screen to react more quickly, quick and accurate, effectively remove conventional touch screen response is slow, jump screen, the operation not coherent faults. On the other hand "fast browsing" technology is used mainly in the network browsing level, it can greatly shorten the join web page display of waiting time, simple principle is this: in the open a web page, the application first read the text then is pictures, multimedia and other content (existing third party already had similar browser technology).

The user experience on the direction of integration innovation also include other two points: intelligent remote control and cool slippery, in fact this is the cause of most interested in the place. First from intelligent remote control to start, Sony Tablet S Tablet computer can be used as a learning intelligent infrared remote control (need Sony special general remote control software to realize), you can take home TV, air conditioning, acoustics, DVD players, and other equipment on the remote control Sony Tablet S Tablet computer to study the function, and then Sony Tablet computer and can be used as a remote control plate to these equipment to fully control.

Another important "cool row" depend on to the realization of the function of Sony Tablet S Tablet computer itself of the wireless network, can borrow from DLNA "family entertainment network" and also support the function between the equipment, the picture, realize music video sharing. It looks like the function is very complex, actually in use you as long as ensure home TV, computer, acoustics, mobile phones and other devices are on the same LAN can, and then open the Sony Tablet S Tablet computer on the pictures, music, video, through the "cool row" function in these devices will be on display.

It said the related hardware, never before release you can certainly know the, the processor, memory, etc are not than is available now with weak tablet computer. In fact is so so, Tegra2 dual-core 1 GHz processor frequency, 1 GB memory / 16 GB and 32 GB hard drive, the 9.4-inch 16:10 (WXGA: 1280 x 800) TFT LCD display, 5 million pixels rear camera, support for bluetooth, wireless, SD card, gravity acceleration sensors, the luminosity sensors, etc, this some whole. The last is the price, 16 GB (3688 yuan), 32 GB (4488 yuan), with the apple iPad exactly the same price, attention is WIFI version.

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