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Monday, October 24, 2011

Modern lady style Benyi M2V

This Benyi M2V (fashion version) use a metal to one body, the simple sense is very excellent. This machine equipped with a 8 inch capacitive touch screen, the resolution for 800 * 600. This section type with the M2 appearance before very similar, but internal configuration are essential changes. It is reported, this easy M2V (fashion version) by ARMCortex-the A8 mononuclear, up to 1 GHz frequency, and equipped with 512 MBRAM memory and 8 GBFlash flash memory. This easy M2V (fashion version) carrying Android2.3 operating system, compatible software very rich. In addition, this product still obligate 3G module port, with 4000 ma lithium battery, can reach six to eight hours of use time. This easy M2V not only is the product performance from the inferiority of products before, and work is very excellent, the whole body the use of a large number of metal elements, appearance close to a smaller version of the iPad, and now this product to sales is 999 yuan only, cheap price is enough. 

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