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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Anyone can do Android App, it will be

Open Android in stability at 2.3, after open the mysterious pandoras box, cat, dog, can do their cell phone, price butcher's knife, zero profits have already not waving the fresh, Several million Taiwan after the money into mainstream, and began to lose in the upper sustain the user GMS Android is also a everyone can come in BaiTanEr flea market. "This is the author recently in micro bo see on a text, the spokesman is one of famous mobile phone manufacturer executives, competent and market of work, and views the natural appearing a shares hit the nail on the head of flavor.

Facts, indeed, LianFa families in the MT6573 chip listed in the third quarter of the mass, the $one thousand Android smart phones has completely open door, dual mode double stay and long standby, these MTK in 2 G era drawbacks stunts have claimed the 3 G and Android mobile phone, its brings the direct consequence of fortress manufacturer is finally found "blood" smartphone breakthrough. The author on the Internet information searching, and in many machine BBS found the fortress $499 Android smartphone and dual mode figure, double to stay under $1500 Android smartphone, also can be found everywhere. Ask, if the same two paragraphs

Android2.3 system by phone on the front of everyone, a as long as one thousand yuan or so, but the hardware configuration change; A is to 3000 yuan of above, but just a few bigger screen, you will choose which money? Anyway, the author is not hesitate to chose the former. This may also is Android system with open principle to mobile phone manufacturer bring trouble.

Not just smart phone market, in the tablet computer, MID market, Android system equipment is also into the same problem-manufacturers make money more and more difficult to less and less. In domestic upstream to the push of chip venders, MID and tablet computer equipment such as Android in waging fierce "bleed" competition. 7 inch screen 8 GB of memory Android2.3 equipment 599 yuan, which is now the new price are MID manufacturers introductory line. And in PC manufacturers camp, lenovo in 11 of the long holiday sales promotion way out seven inches of $1000 offer low flat plate, a day on taobao will achieve the perfect machine sold thousands of constructions record. So straightforward price war, for consumers, of course, is a good news, but for around Android system is launched the brand planning long-term market makers, but not is good thing. Especially homebred brand, the price war means inertia to rob the size of the market, can let sales performance looks, but an opportunity to build up the brand reputation is likely to miss it. Of course, business is business, as long as no lose money, with the quantity on the low with the practice of it and not too much for manufacturers of wrong, but didn't also it is these manufacturers yelling for Android system of intelligent characteristics through involve mobile Internet market? How so quick and to go back to the focus on selling hardware old?

Deep research, the author thinks that the biggest "fault" is still open. Android itself To know that Google is through the search term of to make the advertisement, do the basic purpose of Android or hope to have more mobile users use its search business, because only the user use the keywords ranking to sell a good price!

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