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Friday, March 30, 2012

iPad with Andrews Pad effect

IPads to 4000 yuan, a domestic brand of Tablet PC 2000, and "cottage" Tablet PC prices below $ 1000. What is the difference on the performance and functionality. I have an iPad, and two "cottage" Andrews Pad from the user's point of view of its function and performance comparison. Here to write out and share. At present, the domestic brands Pad Machine (such as Lenovo Le Pad) and the "cottage" machine Andrews operating system and ARM chips collectively referred to Andrews Pad.
"Cottage" Pad uses open-source the Atradius operating system, does not exist the problem of piracy that is, no theft of brand network license, with the general sense of the cottage here to add a quotation mark. A Zhuoni Si (ZeniThink) the ePad using the processor of ZT-180, 10-inch screen, the Atradius 2.1 operating system. The other, a the Freescale iMX515 ARM A8 processor, the Android 2.2 operating system, 8-inch resistive LCD screen (1024x768 resolution), 16 million colors. 512MB of RAM, standard 4G storage, external 32G TF card. The CPU and iPad are the ARM Cortex A8.
iPad hardware sophisticated, meticulous workmanship. Multi-touch capacitive LCD screen and LED backlight, high-capacity battery. "Cottage" machines are not comparable in the touch-screen control, voice and working hours, as well as appearance. But in the overall performance of the iPad and there is no obvious advantage.
iPad does not have a USB data port, we can not insert the SD card containing the user files. External file can only be fed through the iTune, or sent to e-mail attachments. The user does not have its own folder, very inconvenient. Andrews Pad open Andrews operating system with a USB data interface or SD card slot with a file folder management user. Office and entertainment are very convenient.
The terms of office, the most important thing is to read and widely used for processing Office and adobe document, Andrews Pad download and install the free Pro office suite and Adobe reader software can read these documents stored in the SD card, but can not be processed. iPad also use third-party Document to go to me software to read Office and PDF documents, performance is not good enough, as some ppt can not be fully displayed. And these files can only exist by e-mail attachment. iPad such limitations limit its application in the office and learning.
The video player is another important application. The iPad is equipped with a dedicated player can only play special format video. To upload files to the iPad on the machine, must be through iTunes if you want to upload the video file format, size does not meet the request to be iPad, iTunes will automatically stop to upload the video. To iPad movies, only two roads, one to convert the movie file format, the other is to buy online directly through iTunes. IPad version, there is a universal media player OPlayer of HD video playback HTTP streaming in multiple formats. Andrews Pad can be used to play the user is stored in the SD card from the electronics market, download a variety of video player video files and movies. A wide range of video file formats, a player capable of playing all the various formats the player and the player uses the effect of different, need to install a variety of players. Existing player, Real player, the best, Rock player followed. M player suitable to play some high-definition video. Andrews Pad using the ARM Cortex A8 processor can smooth playback of 1080P HD video. IPad better than the poor. I tried a variety of video formats can play, including Adobe flash player10. Depends on the film Andrews Pad better than the iPad!
iPad and iPhone are the same does not support Flash. Early iPhone in China can not use your browser to watch the video site is very convenient. Now the situation has changed, due to Apple's reputation, some website specially developed iPad zone can watch directly with the iPad browser. Area such as Sina video iPad. In addition, some of our video portals, websites and network television have developed specialized iPad client distributed through the Apple Store. So today, with the iPad to watch online TV network video is still very good. Andrews Pad can also watch the various video sites and Internet TV client software Andrews electronics market, download video portals and video websites video content. Such as the installation of the video client can watch the local TV stations and satellite television programs.
Book reading to watch online magazine is another important application. iPad, and Andrews Pad can download the client to watch video magazine (VIVA) and a variety of reading website. You can also choose from a variety of classics from the electronic market. Very convenient. VIVA have the iPad version is more detailed, while Andrews Pad can only see the mobile version of VIVA. Future with the increasing influence of Andrews Pad will Andrews Pad version.
iPad sales will reach 32 million units in fiscal 2011, driven Tablet PC thermal. Apple's closed model for open systems to create a space for development. In China, the user is more suited to Apple's closed model, low-cost open Pad will be more popular. Andrews Pad has been started, if the Andrews operating system can continue to maintain its open-source to Andrews smartphone, Andrews Pad over iPad is not impossible.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Apple products cost analysis: an iPad Foxconn have only been $ 10

                   Foxconn in the apple industry in the chain can only share 2% of income

SAN morning of March 30 Beijing news, although the relationship between Apple and Foxconn has triggered widespread concern in the outside world, but the latter only a small part in the assembly of the equipment costs.

Foxconn is responsible for assembly for the Apple iPhone and the iPad3 holder, such as chips and screen high-priced parts from the United States, South Korea and China Taiwan's other businesses.

Starter Edition iPhone 4S two-year contract price of $ 199, while the U.S. market research firm iSuppli provides the following dismantling of data:

Memory chips: $ 28.20

Touch Screen: $ 37

Wireless chips: $ 23.54

Camera: $ 17.60

Total cost of materials: $ 188

Foxconn revenues earned from each Starter Edition iPhone: $ 8

Starter Edition iPad3 holder price of $ 499, cost of components as follows:

Memory chips: $ 30.70

Touch screen: $ 117

Battery: $ 32

Total cost of materials: $ 306

Foxconn income earned from each Starter Edition iPad: $ 10

Student Tablet PC film music ePad M700 shopping guide guide

Shadow Music ePad M700 Tablet PC has a 7.0 inches WVGA-level (resolution of 800 * 480 pixels) TFT resistive screen portable tablet computers, video Lok ePad M700 Tablet PC equipped Android smartphone operating system, hardware the ARM926EJC low-power ARMthe CPU, the more obvious advantages of multi-threaded runtime.
 Film music ePad M700 Tablet PC with integration of keyboard holster Figure

    Film music ePad M700 Tablet PC is the perfect tool for reading electronic materials, electronic data, easy to read local learning materials and reading materials. Smart and simple design philosophy, to ensure that students in the use of convenient, fast, consistent reading habits and to meet the needs of the health of reading.

 "Reading enriches the mind reading software screenshot
                                              Kingsoft translation software screenshot

    Film music ePad M700 Tablet PC mail management, instant messaging, and other commonly used software, students can choose according to actual needs, and through a simple download, installation can enjoy personalized learning tools.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lumia 610 video playback will be different from other Lumia equipment

Nokia has for developers to prepare an application Tango compatible with the guidance documents. The article discusses how to make WP devices powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 the 7x27A processor of handling video playback. Because the machine before each section in the WP 7.5 Refresh (ie, the Tango), are running more powerful MSM8x55 series CPU.

Lumia 610 low profile on the device according to the article describes, we will see a different video processing. Moreover, this situation will also appear in the other the WP 7.5 the Refresh hardware. Developers will have to take into account the new low-end device software development.

The following is a video processing part of the contents of guidance documents:
Does not support all WP device video format such as FLAC, RMVB, OGG, 7x27a-powered cell phone will not be able to play.
Format support, but the decoder of the encoding does not support hardware acceleration, use the higher bit rate or resolution than the the WP baseline video, may also not be played, or can not be rendered in software. Even through software rendering playback, video playback progress will not be very smooth, there will be a jump, and intermittent.
Example, VC1, Advanced or Main Profile decoder video through software rendering instead of hardware-accelerated playback, but if the encoding bit rate is too high, the player will fail.
7x27a-powered mobile phone will be able to play video impose restrictions. These restrictions have been implemented with lower processor and memory on the phone. However, by re-encoding the video, and using the techniques described in the article, you can keep the user experience of the application, and continue to provide users with a rich video experience.
Decoder / bit-rate limit list

Monday, March 26, 2012

New iPad use the iPhone App automatically converted Retina level

The majority of iPhone App resolution mostly 960 x 640, but in earlier versions of the iPad, zoom App resolution 480 x 320 has been or is unable to call 960 x 640 high-definition version. New iPad3 case users may have been found to use the iPhone App interface will be more clear than in the past, even if
The majority of iPhone App resolution mostly 960 x 640, but in earlier versions of the iPad, zoom App resolution 480 x 320 has been or is unable to call 960 x 640 high-definition version. New iPad3 case users may have been found to use the iPhone App interface clearly than ever before, even in the "2X" mode, the interface zoom than the iPad, and iPad clear. This can be said to solve the previous generation iPad that 480 x 320 bored limit without JB installed RetinaPad magnified.

 Above left is the iPad 2 (iPhone Version), the right is the New iPad3 case (iPhone Version), can be seen that the new iPad3 case  does not have the starting grid.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

IOS 5.1 i0n1c announced success may be used to iPad3 prison break

Famous iPhone hackers released today i0n1c prison break a good news, i0n1c released a few ZhangChengGong operation iOS5.1 iPad2 success of prison break pictures, prove he has already completed the iOS 5.1 firmware escape from prison work.
I0n1c said, iOS 5.1 escape use a new loophole, he will get in order iPad3 case, test this loophole in iPad3 cases can use. In the test, and then to decide whether to release new iPhone4S and iPad2 escape tools.
Well, look at iPhone4 not perfect iOS 5.1 prison break of the classmates, this can be at ease.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Apple co-founder Woz lining up to buy new iPad3

Apple co-founder Wozniak appeared in the forefront of the rush to buy a new generation of iPad3 case team again, but this time his position is different. Wozniak and his wife standing in the rush to buy new iPad3 cases team the top front of the Los Angeles Century City Westfield shopping center in the United States. "In fact, this time my wife stood in the front, and I only came in second place, we are always rushed over to noon." Wozniak said.
Wozniak line up the habit of buying Apple products for a long time, and reputation. In fact, Apple co-founder and one of the heavyweight veteran, he does not line up you can get Apple products. However, for him, and Apple fans waiting in line with the first sale of new products, is a supreme pleasure.
"It has formed a law. I have done so many times, I still do that." He said, "I wanted to be a vast number of consumers.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

KUPA the X11 Plus to create a top business Tablet PC

The original business of an electromagnetic pen + Android system "Tablet PC era is over, March 15, 2012 KUPA China launched a new generation of an upgraded version of KUPA the X11 Plus Tablet PC, on behalf of the next generation of business tablet PC era!

Xiaobian brought the introduction of this class of business tablet PC, if you intend to purchase in 2012 a high-performance business tablet PC, may wish to read this article in full contrast to see who is more powerfulor more suitable.
The new features are developed on the X11 Tablet PC platform, belonging to the upgraded version of the X11, but has a mobile phone GSM, China Unicom 3G card such as voice calls and GPS function. The X11 Plus Tablet PC's in KUPA mobile phone voice calls can be resolved to a large extent the daily office of the business people run out of battery, meeting process to require phone calls, inconvenient to answer the phone, etc. parlor demonstration. Models which 170 countries around the world a common WCDMA Unicom 3G module, in addition to making phone calls, but also view the phone book contacts, and receive the latest messaging and wireless 3G Internet, which has become the latest generation of mobile commerce and most unusual Tablet PC.
GPS positioning function is more and more industry professionals to develop applications, not only for navigation, but also for the measurement and timing. KUPA X11 Plus GPS functionality to the development of the industry in the field of business applications is undoubtedly bring great opportunities for development. 24 satellite global coverage of up to 98% support the KUPA X11 Plus GPS positioning, no matter in which country, as long as it is in the open outdoor environment, can be accurate positioning and navigation.
Both products have in common are based on the business of the X86-based Windows operating system, Tablet PC, are using the capacitive touch panel and touch screen of the electromagnetic screen supports finger touch and electromagnetic pen to write, while endurance is still a long up to 10 hours, is still 10.1 inches Windows system the longest life Tablet PC.
X11 is a completely different and now Android Entertainment Tablet PC KUPA products, efficient and clear then, and powerful than the traditional notebook or even "ultra-pole of this" more suited to the business office of its outstanding performance, KUPA the X11 Plus, once introduced to sought after by many business people a

Saturday, March 17, 2012

To give you HuoYanJinJing iPhone4 second-hand refurbished machine recognition

First is the version, because iPhone4S a sale, apple, stop the iPhone4 16 GB above version of the production. So to be able to be bought on the market at present the iPhone4, in addition to the new 8 GB version beyond, other products has almost no new machine to exist. In the recent if you buy the iPhone4 is 8 GB version, the basic need not worry about the renovation of the machine.
For iPhone 16 GB and 32 GB version, although there are still on the market of new machine, but the refurbished machine has accounted for the mainstream. When you meet according to tell you his hand and iPhone4 old version of the new unit, we might as well below from several aspects to analyze whether it's new machine.
A mobile phone for outer packingThe outer packing iPhone4 by apple strict quality monitoring products, if is YuanFeng new machine, then the iPhone4 appear on plastic seal film, in outlet will smooth level off. When stores took out a there is a film, but it is distorted and song, a rough surface plastic seal of the so-called inferior membrane original new unit, the ten to one is a refurbished machine.
Two, three yards one
Many friends may have heard of "three yards unity", the three yards refers to the iPhone on the back of the plastic box on the film the S/N code and the SIM cato metal S/N yards, and set up the system of "universal iPhone on the machine of S/N yards. If the country do new machine, and the three yards must one. For port water or other areas of the water cargo aircraft, three yards of the combination of difficult, corresponding to the chance of big loophole JS.
And at the same time we need to pay attention to, the iPhone on the back of the plastic box film S/N yards sticker, is the easiest to use homemade stick the JS code change it as long as we tried to rub it with the hand of this S/N paper, if an illegible, the basic can be judged to be JS replacement.
Three, hardware check
If checked the above two aspects no problem, we start from the packaging took the iPhone, don't rush to immediately use boot. We first check check iPhone4 machine hardware on appearance, from clues, see if you can find evidence of refurbished machine out.
The iPhone4 new machine, both with machine will stick a hard plastic card to in the transportation of iPhone4 provide enough for protection. Hard plastic card and the iPhone should be very closely joint, up and down the CARDS will not outstanding. If you get a stick against the plastic card "new mobile phone", you can turn round and then walk.
In addition to this plastic card besides, we could observe the iPhone4 data interface and headphone jacks. The two interfaces should be have no trace of use, no dust and scratches. Headphone jacks in under the irradiation of light, should show a silvery white, not red water sign.
The iPhone4 below two screw to have turned the marks of also is very important, the two screws in the early days of the cross is, the basic is the factory recently plum flower shapes.
The iPhone4 fuselage accessories are change is also very important, although the two parts of the price is not high, but for refurbished machine, it is likely to be the configuration of the fortress version of the data. The original of the data and headphones, coiling clear put them in order. Wire without peculiar smell, cable with delicate do manual work, no flash joints. And countries like Macbook laptop charger is done the square charger, GangBan is the imperial big triangle plug, and asme is a green charger (charge plug nearby is a green dot). This is the difference between three version very important basis.
Four, software validation
In fact both visually, or hardware, want to identify more and more mature now refurbished means, for ordinary consumers are more difficult. But fortunately apple provides us with a perfect phone software information inquiry method, we can through these software method, see through the most rigorous disguise the renovation of the machine.
The most effective method, is an apple official activation time inquires the. In apple's official website, apple provides us with inquires mobile phone activation information and iPhone warranty information method. Through the visit this site: Click on the place, we can through the input the serial number of the machine, inquires the activation time machine and warranty information. Generally speaking, the brand new machine is less than the record here inquires. Here the date of the inquires, should be the first time you open the cellular phone, connecting a computer use activation date 1 to 3 days before and after.
Through the above a few steps, our basic can judge JS hand in of the iPhone4, is secondhand refurbished machine. Small make up remind last, buy apple products, or need to select the regular buy channels, such as apple's online or video games that apple bus duly authorized dealers.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Prestigio Multi IPS screen 9.7 inch flat at 199 euros andros 4.0

Beijing time on March 16, news, last week at CeBit 2012 in German hannover curtain was satisfactory. In the event, the attention of many products, including IBM cloud computing solutions, Microsoft Windows8 system, super this and all kinds of graphics CARDS, wireless card, a series of cutting-edge technology products. Prestigio Multi 9.7 inch Andr oid 4.0 Tablet pc, equipped with IPS display screen. Should may can in marketing, sales price for: 199 euros
CeBIT found in Germany during a product, it is Prestigio Multi 9.7 inch Andr oid 4.0 Tablet PC, equipped with IPS display screen. Should may can in marketing, sales price for: 199 euros, a 9.7-inch display, next, we can know about, this kind of equipment of the specifications of the specific parameters:
Now products on the market about 80-90% are 7 inch model, and Prestigio Multi is a 9.7-inch display, in addition, IPS screen is very popular, and launch Android ICS. However, the specification fairly unremarkable: 8 GB of storage space, microSD card slot, single core 1 GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor based on and 1 GB RAM. Meaning much Notebook claims that the product will be reached in May.
When we see the mediocre configuration, we hope that these old hardware, Prestigio Multi working Android 4.0.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

7 inches AFFS GaoQingBing cool than U17GT rubik's cube to market

Today announced the launch of rubik's cube cool than a 7 inch Tablet PC-U17GT new products. According to understand than the rubik's cube U17GT whole body cool the is similar to F1 car antiroll magnesium frame technology, excellent work. Equipped with seven inches wide Angle AFFS display (it is said that display effect to transcend IPS screen), and the screen resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels, equipped with 1 GHz core micro RK2918 scheme rick, memory for 1 GB DDR3, 8 GB flash memory, launch Android 4.0 system. Support WiFi, bluetooth and GSM/GPRS phone online. At present than the market U17GT rubik's cube cool time and sold had not been determined.

Monday, March 12, 2012

After the PC era in 2016 to Europe and America will have three adult Tablet PC

Famous market research firm Forrester Monday issued a consumer level Tablet PC sales forecast, the company has forecast that by 2016, 34.4% of the U.S. population, also is the 112.5 million people will have a Tablet PC . Europe's population 30.4%, also is the 105.7 million population will have a Tablet PC . The total sales of the Tablet PC  in this year to 37.9 million department, to 2016 department. Even if competitors trying to beat the iPad, but apple still with 73% of the market share dominating the tablet market. Apple iPad 3 tomorrow to be released, this number may be changed again.

Forrester think iPad the most main competitor is Amazon Kindle Fire, analysts Sarah Rotman Epps says he think of this Tablet PC sales in the three months to reach 5.5 million department. Epps believes that apple will release a smaller, cheaper iPad and Amazon Kindle Fire competition. Forrester study found that 62% of consumers tend to buy 10 inch equipment, 26% of consumers prefer small screen Tablet PC.

Friday, March 9, 2012

LCD panel market downturn in sluggish sales in Japanese television

As a panel of setting lamp LED materials, price declines also appeared unstoppable trend. In severe glut of background, LED chips and a year ago the price was reduced to four to five. Falling prices for panel, producers will each panel to the decrease in the number of LED lights installed (reduce 3-4 into), and set out to design such products, so the needs of product structure LED in the level also will start to fall in. LED manufacturers face challenges, panel for the research and development production manufacturer with more powerful function of high performance products shine, to change the price of low status, but a large production company said LED, "even if this does not allow prices to a touch on the rebound."

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sahil Lavingia: design is close to the product function and the distance between the meaning of existence

The founder of one Pinterest Sahil Lavingia in Co. Writing Design website, to talk about themselves to Design of understanding. In his view, the design is not only the vision effect, but related to the overall product. This means that everyone in the company to participate in the design process.

Design is close to the function of the products and the distance between the

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

MWC2012 Google Android, befriending booth robot element is everywhere

MWC2012 has come and gone, for the tablet computer products exhibition site were also full report. But in addition to the exhibition concerned technology product besides, still have a lot of very interesting things. Which Google booth can say is full the coolest is also the most popular place, Android robot element is everywhere, and Google is prepared for the visitors robot style of ice cream sandwich.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

T-Mobile Galaxy Tab Plus

Samsung new 7 inches tablet Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus will be released on November 16, the operator is T-Mobile, this product contains a 7 inch touch screen, the more 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, 16 GB microSD expansion to the largest memory, 32 GB, running Android 3.2 Honeycomb system, built-in Samsung Media Hub characteristics can obtain the television program and so on Media content. Two year contract price of $250.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Says Google or launched analysis 7 inch tablet PC

Market research firm DisplaySearch analyst Richard XiM (Richard Shim) to CNET website revealed that Google of this tablet computer will be provided with 1280 x800 resolution screen, April this year will be put into production, the original production for 1.5 million to 2 million units.

Before about Google will launch tablet computer news. In January, a report from Asia, said Google's tablet will launch Android 4.0 operating system, sells for $199, with amazon to (the Po) Kindle Fire to compete.

However, XiM says it does not know Google will be how to position of this tablet computer. XiM said: "I don't know that Google is as a high-end product promotion, or hit close to people with Kindle Fire price competition."

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Rovio push 5 new games this year China's retail stores open within months

According to foreign media reports, Finland game developers Rovio marketing director Peter west BaKa (Peter Vesterbacka) in a red-carpet interview with Asian market, expand on Facebook platform as well as the "angry birds: space edition" release, the company in the next few months will keep growth performance. Since 2009, since the launch, "angry birds" has been downloaded more than 700 million times, Rovio and so the market value of $9 billion.
West BaKa says, from march "angry birds: space edition" start, the company this year plans to release the "angry birds" of five new version.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Working double system? 10.1 inches lenovo IdeaTab K2110 exposure

In the MWC2012, appeared a lot of domestic new tablet computer, and a thought in the domestic market as the boss associations, nature also not let such a display the elegant demeanour of opportunity. The association is bringing a called IdeaTab K2110 10.1 inches Android tablet computer.
Note that lenovo IdeaTab K2110 although operation is Android 4.0 system, but it USES and not the popular NVIDIA Tegra3 four processors, but of the Intel Atom Z2610 1.6 Ghz processor. Screen resolution and memory parameters temporarily

Thursday, March 1, 2012

1G memory built-in HDMI Window N80 tablet computer

In 512MB RAM mainstream configuration is popular today, the way the 1G RAM N80 the high clear plate that 8 "standard configuration pull up a class. Not only that, the original word N80 also built-in 16 GB capacity and HDMI such practical configuration, and further improve performance to price ratio.

8 inches 1024 x768 resolution, higher screen clearly

Pick up 8.0 inches 4:3 ratio capacitance screen, the resolution for 1024 x768 screen area is 30.72 square inches, greater than the widescreen about 12% area, than the 7.0-inch 16:9 screen area of about 50%. So big show area plus hd resolution, both books to read, picture browsing, video playback, or the game to show, all has the more large screen enjoy, let a user's entertainment experience are more better.