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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Rovio push 5 new games this year China's retail stores open within months

According to foreign media reports, Finland game developers Rovio marketing director Peter west BaKa (Peter Vesterbacka) in a red-carpet interview with Asian market, expand on Facebook platform as well as the "angry birds: space edition" release, the company in the next few months will keep growth performance. Since 2009, since the launch, "angry birds" has been downloaded more than 700 million times, Rovio and so the market value of $9 billion.
West BaKa says, from march "angry birds: space edition" start, the company this year plans to release the "angry birds" of five new version.

The angry birds: space edition story background is set in space, Rovio is using NASA released on Youtube video made a moon landing.
He said: "this is our first game released this year, the company is one of the biggest in history, our game releases to the game had great expectations."
West BaKa says, the company will be in a few months to open in China the first angry birds retail brand.
He said: "we are preparing for the retail business in China, we will soon reach 100 retail outlets of scale. I think these data may further growth, we think that the Asian market has great potential."
West BaKa says, the company told the angry birds "on Facebook platform progress being satisfied.
He said: "we are not Facebook, the largest on the platform game, but our growth is the fastest. We have on Facebook platform on earn a lot of money. And, of course, we hope that arose tens of millions of users on Facebook to play our game."
Rovio executives have said before, the company may be seeking in New York or Hong Kong stock tablet pc free shipping market, but the company does not currently are anxious to listed.
He said: "we have been in profitability, our funds can meet the needs of the development of business."

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