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Saturday, March 17, 2012

To give you HuoYanJinJing iPhone4 second-hand refurbished machine recognition

First is the version, because iPhone4S a sale, apple, stop the iPhone4 16 GB above version of the production. So to be able to be bought on the market at present the iPhone4, in addition to the new 8 GB version beyond, other products has almost no new machine to exist. In the recent if you buy the iPhone4 is 8 GB version, the basic need not worry about the renovation of the machine.
For iPhone 16 GB and 32 GB version, although there are still on the market of new machine, but the refurbished machine has accounted for the mainstream. When you meet according to tell you his hand and iPhone4 old version of the new unit, we might as well below from several aspects to analyze whether it's new machine.
A mobile phone for outer packingThe outer packing iPhone4 by apple strict quality monitoring products, if is YuanFeng new machine, then the iPhone4 appear on plastic seal film, in outlet will smooth level off. When stores took out a there is a film, but it is distorted and song, a rough surface plastic seal of the so-called inferior membrane original new unit, the ten to one is a refurbished machine.
Two, three yards one
Many friends may have heard of "three yards unity", the three yards refers to the iPhone on the back of the plastic box on the film the S/N code and the SIM cato metal S/N yards, and set up the system of "universal iPhone on the machine of S/N yards. If the country do new machine, and the three yards must one. For port water or other areas of the water cargo aircraft, three yards of the combination of difficult, corresponding to the chance of big loophole JS.
And at the same time we need to pay attention to, the iPhone on the back of the plastic box film S/N yards sticker, is the easiest to use homemade stick the JS code change it as long as we tried to rub it with the hand of this S/N paper, if an illegible, the basic can be judged to be JS replacement.
Three, hardware check
If checked the above two aspects no problem, we start from the packaging took the iPhone, don't rush to immediately use boot. We first check check iPhone4 machine hardware on appearance, from clues, see if you can find evidence of refurbished machine out.
The iPhone4 new machine, both with machine will stick a hard plastic card to in the transportation of iPhone4 provide enough for protection. Hard plastic card and the iPhone should be very closely joint, up and down the CARDS will not outstanding. If you get a stick against the plastic card "new mobile phone", you can turn round and then walk.
In addition to this plastic card besides, we could observe the iPhone4 data interface and headphone jacks. The two interfaces should be have no trace of use, no dust and scratches. Headphone jacks in under the irradiation of light, should show a silvery white, not red water sign.
The iPhone4 below two screw to have turned the marks of also is very important, the two screws in the early days of the cross is, the basic is the factory recently plum flower shapes.
The iPhone4 fuselage accessories are change is also very important, although the two parts of the price is not high, but for refurbished machine, it is likely to be the configuration of the fortress version of the data. The original of the data and headphones, coiling clear put them in order. Wire without peculiar smell, cable with delicate do manual work, no flash joints. And countries like Macbook laptop charger is done the square charger, GangBan is the imperial big triangle plug, and asme is a green charger (charge plug nearby is a green dot). This is the difference between three version very important basis.
Four, software validation
In fact both visually, or hardware, want to identify more and more mature now refurbished means, for ordinary consumers are more difficult. But fortunately apple provides us with a perfect phone software information inquiry method, we can through these software method, see through the most rigorous disguise the renovation of the machine.
The most effective method, is an apple official activation time inquires the. In apple's official website, apple provides us with inquires mobile phone activation information and iPhone warranty information method. Through the visit this site: Click on the place, we can through the input the serial number of the machine, inquires the activation time machine and warranty information. Generally speaking, the brand new machine is less than the record here inquires. Here the date of the inquires, should be the first time you open the cellular phone, connecting a computer use activation date 1 to 3 days before and after.
Through the above a few steps, our basic can judge JS hand in of the iPhone4, is secondhand refurbished machine. Small make up remind last, buy apple products, or need to select the regular buy channels, such as apple's online or video games that apple bus duly authorized dealers.

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