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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Apple products cost analysis: an iPad Foxconn have only been $ 10

                   Foxconn in the apple industry in the chain can only share 2% of income

SAN morning of March 30 Beijing news, although the relationship between Apple and Foxconn has triggered widespread concern in the outside world, but the latter only a small part in the assembly of the equipment costs.

Foxconn is responsible for assembly for the Apple iPhone and the iPad3 holder, such as chips and screen high-priced parts from the United States, South Korea and China Taiwan's other businesses.

Starter Edition iPhone 4S two-year contract price of $ 199, while the U.S. market research firm iSuppli provides the following dismantling of data:

Memory chips: $ 28.20

Touch Screen: $ 37

Wireless chips: $ 23.54

Camera: $ 17.60

Total cost of materials: $ 188

Foxconn revenues earned from each Starter Edition iPhone: $ 8

Starter Edition iPad3 holder price of $ 499, cost of components as follows:

Memory chips: $ 30.70

Touch screen: $ 117

Battery: $ 32

Total cost of materials: $ 306

Foxconn income earned from each Starter Edition iPad: $ 10

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