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Friday, March 9, 2012

LCD panel market downturn in sluggish sales in Japanese television

As a panel of setting lamp LED materials, price declines also appeared unstoppable trend. In severe glut of background, LED chips and a year ago the price was reduced to four to five. Falling prices for panel, producers will each panel to the decrease in the number of LED lights installed (reduce 3-4 into), and set out to design such products, so the needs of product structure LED in the level also will start to fall in. LED manufacturers face challenges, panel for the research and development production manufacturer with more powerful function of high performance products shine, to change the price of low status, but a large production company said LED, "even if this does not allow prices to a touch on the rebound."

Japan JP Morgan chase to the head of the securities, said "in October 2011 to 12 months, television, panels and production material of each listed company of collective was in the red."
Japanese media are summarized, the current industry at the end of the common expectation for putting TV markets with vigor, to drive the industry chain. But, "in order to expand the market share of the products and the production cheaper manufacturers may appear." The doubt voice heard. Even if the panel prices rebounded and is directly reflected in the current production material price seems still is mystifying.
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