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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lumia 610 video playback will be different from other Lumia equipment

Nokia has for developers to prepare an application Tango compatible with the guidance documents. The article discusses how to make WP devices powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 the 7x27A processor of handling video playback. Because the machine before each section in the WP 7.5 Refresh (ie, the Tango), are running more powerful MSM8x55 series CPU.

Lumia 610 low profile on the device according to the article describes, we will see a different video processing. Moreover, this situation will also appear in the other the WP 7.5 the Refresh hardware. Developers will have to take into account the new low-end device software development.

The following is a video processing part of the contents of guidance documents:
Does not support all WP device video format such as FLAC, RMVB, OGG, 7x27a-powered cell phone will not be able to play.
Format support, but the decoder of the encoding does not support hardware acceleration, use the higher bit rate or resolution than the the WP baseline video, may also not be played, or can not be rendered in software. Even through software rendering playback, video playback progress will not be very smooth, there will be a jump, and intermittent.
Example, VC1, Advanced or Main Profile decoder video through software rendering instead of hardware-accelerated playback, but if the encoding bit rate is too high, the player will fail.
7x27a-powered mobile phone will be able to play video impose restrictions. These restrictions have been implemented with lower processor and memory on the phone. However, by re-encoding the video, and using the techniques described in the article, you can keep the user experience of the application, and continue to provide users with a rich video experience.
Decoder / bit-rate limit list

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