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Monday, March 12, 2012

After the PC era in 2016 to Europe and America will have three adult Tablet PC

Famous market research firm Forrester Monday issued a consumer level Tablet PC sales forecast, the company has forecast that by 2016, 34.4% of the U.S. population, also is the 112.5 million people will have a Tablet PC . Europe's population 30.4%, also is the 105.7 million population will have a Tablet PC . The total sales of the Tablet PC  in this year to 37.9 million department, to 2016 department. Even if competitors trying to beat the iPad, but apple still with 73% of the market share dominating the tablet market. Apple iPad 3 tomorrow to be released, this number may be changed again.

Forrester think iPad the most main competitor is Amazon Kindle Fire, analysts Sarah Rotman Epps says he think of this Tablet PC sales in the three months to reach 5.5 million department. Epps believes that apple will release a smaller, cheaper iPad and Amazon Kindle Fire competition. Forrester study found that 62% of consumers tend to buy 10 inch equipment, 26% of consumers prefer small screen Tablet PC.

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