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Friday, March 30, 2012

iPad with Andrews Pad effect

IPads to 4000 yuan, a domestic brand of Tablet PC 2000, and "cottage" Tablet PC prices below $ 1000. What is the difference on the performance and functionality. I have an iPad, and two "cottage" Andrews Pad from the user's point of view of its function and performance comparison. Here to write out and share. At present, the domestic brands Pad Machine (such as Lenovo Le Pad) and the "cottage" machine Andrews operating system and ARM chips collectively referred to Andrews Pad.
"Cottage" Pad uses open-source the Atradius operating system, does not exist the problem of piracy that is, no theft of brand network license, with the general sense of the cottage here to add a quotation mark. A Zhuoni Si (ZeniThink) the ePad using the processor of ZT-180, 10-inch screen, the Atradius 2.1 operating system. The other, a the Freescale iMX515 ARM A8 processor, the Android 2.2 operating system, 8-inch resistive LCD screen (1024x768 resolution), 16 million colors. 512MB of RAM, standard 4G storage, external 32G TF card. The CPU and iPad are the ARM Cortex A8.
iPad hardware sophisticated, meticulous workmanship. Multi-touch capacitive LCD screen and LED backlight, high-capacity battery. "Cottage" machines are not comparable in the touch-screen control, voice and working hours, as well as appearance. But in the overall performance of the iPad and there is no obvious advantage.
iPad does not have a USB data port, we can not insert the SD card containing the user files. External file can only be fed through the iTune, or sent to e-mail attachments. The user does not have its own folder, very inconvenient. Andrews Pad open Andrews operating system with a USB data interface or SD card slot with a file folder management user. Office and entertainment are very convenient.
The terms of office, the most important thing is to read and widely used for processing Office and adobe document, Andrews Pad download and install the free Pro office suite and Adobe reader software can read these documents stored in the SD card, but can not be processed. iPad also use third-party Document to go to me software to read Office and PDF documents, performance is not good enough, as some ppt can not be fully displayed. And these files can only exist by e-mail attachment. iPad such limitations limit its application in the office and learning.
The video player is another important application. The iPad is equipped with a dedicated player can only play special format video. To upload files to the iPad on the machine, must be through iTunes if you want to upload the video file format, size does not meet the request to be iPad, iTunes will automatically stop to upload the video. To iPad movies, only two roads, one to convert the movie file format, the other is to buy online directly through iTunes. IPad version, there is a universal media player OPlayer of HD video playback HTTP streaming in multiple formats. Andrews Pad can be used to play the user is stored in the SD card from the electronics market, download a variety of video player video files and movies. A wide range of video file formats, a player capable of playing all the various formats the player and the player uses the effect of different, need to install a variety of players. Existing player, Real player, the best, Rock player followed. M player suitable to play some high-definition video. Andrews Pad using the ARM Cortex A8 processor can smooth playback of 1080P HD video. IPad better than the poor. I tried a variety of video formats can play, including Adobe flash player10. Depends on the film Andrews Pad better than the iPad!
iPad and iPhone are the same does not support Flash. Early iPhone in China can not use your browser to watch the video site is very convenient. Now the situation has changed, due to Apple's reputation, some website specially developed iPad zone can watch directly with the iPad browser. Area such as Sina video iPad. In addition, some of our video portals, websites and network television have developed specialized iPad client distributed through the Apple Store. So today, with the iPad to watch online TV network video is still very good. Andrews Pad can also watch the various video sites and Internet TV client software Andrews electronics market, download video portals and video websites video content. Such as the installation of the video client can watch the local TV stations and satellite television programs.
Book reading to watch online magazine is another important application. iPad, and Andrews Pad can download the client to watch video magazine (VIVA) and a variety of reading website. You can also choose from a variety of classics from the electronic market. Very convenient. VIVA have the iPad version is more detailed, while Andrews Pad can only see the mobile version of VIVA. Future with the increasing influence of Andrews Pad will Andrews Pad version.
iPad sales will reach 32 million units in fiscal 2011, driven Tablet PC thermal. Apple's closed model for open systems to create a space for development. In China, the user is more suited to Apple's closed model, low-cost open Pad will be more popular. Andrews Pad has been started, if the Andrews operating system can continue to maintain its open-source to Andrews smartphone, Andrews Pad over iPad is not impossible.

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