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Sunday, March 18, 2012

KUPA the X11 Plus to create a top business Tablet PC

The original business of an electromagnetic pen + Android system "Tablet PC era is over, March 15, 2012 KUPA China launched a new generation of an upgraded version of KUPA the X11 Plus Tablet PC, on behalf of the next generation of business tablet PC era!

Xiaobian brought the introduction of this class of business tablet PC, if you intend to purchase in 2012 a high-performance business tablet PC, may wish to read this article in full contrast to see who is more powerfulor more suitable.
The new features are developed on the X11 Tablet PC platform, belonging to the upgraded version of the X11, but has a mobile phone GSM, China Unicom 3G card such as voice calls and GPS function. The X11 Plus Tablet PC's in KUPA mobile phone voice calls can be resolved to a large extent the daily office of the business people run out of battery, meeting process to require phone calls, inconvenient to answer the phone, etc. parlor demonstration. Models which 170 countries around the world a common WCDMA Unicom 3G module, in addition to making phone calls, but also view the phone book contacts, and receive the latest messaging and wireless 3G Internet, which has become the latest generation of mobile commerce and most unusual Tablet PC.
GPS positioning function is more and more industry professionals to develop applications, not only for navigation, but also for the measurement and timing. KUPA X11 Plus GPS functionality to the development of the industry in the field of business applications is undoubtedly bring great opportunities for development. 24 satellite global coverage of up to 98% support the KUPA X11 Plus GPS positioning, no matter in which country, as long as it is in the open outdoor environment, can be accurate positioning and navigation.
Both products have in common are based on the business of the X86-based Windows operating system, Tablet PC, are using the capacitive touch panel and touch screen of the electromagnetic screen supports finger touch and electromagnetic pen to write, while endurance is still a long up to 10 hours, is still 10.1 inches Windows system the longest life Tablet PC.
X11 is a completely different and now Android Entertainment Tablet PC KUPA products, efficient and clear then, and powerful than the traditional notebook or even "ultra-pole of this" more suited to the business office of its outstanding performance, KUPA the X11 Plus, once introduced to sought after by many business people a

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