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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sahil Lavingia: design is close to the product function and the distance between the meaning of existence

The founder of one Pinterest Sahil Lavingia in Co. Writing Design website, to talk about themselves to Design of understanding. In his view, the design is not only the vision effect, but related to the overall product. This means that everyone in the company to participate in the design process.

Design is close to the function of the products and the distance between the
meaning of existence. Design is not just choose the right font or gradual change effect. Stop from page wireframe or visual style to the direction of the thinking about the design; It is related to the whole of the products. The purpose is to find out the design product, and how do you around it pushes the other things.


Find your purpose of products, and constantly design, the new design. Close to its function and the distance between the meaning of existence, in the distance disappear before don't stop. As the founder of the 37 Signals Jason Fried said, "when the problem disappear, the design is finished."
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