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Thursday, March 1, 2012

1G memory built-in HDMI Window N80 tablet computer

In 512MB RAM mainstream configuration is popular today, the way the 1G RAM N80 the high clear plate that 8 "standard configuration pull up a class. Not only that, the original word N80 also built-in 16 GB capacity and HDMI such practical configuration, and further improve performance to price ratio.

8 inches 1024 x768 resolution, higher screen clearly

Pick up 8.0 inches 4:3 ratio capacitance screen, the resolution for 1024 x768 screen area is 30.72 square inches, greater than the widescreen about 12% area, than the 7.0-inch 16:9 screen area of about 50%. So big show area plus hd resolution, both books to read, picture browsing, video playback, or the game to show, all has the more large screen enjoy, let a user's entertainment experience are more better.

1GB RAM memory, and the program ran more fluent
The mainstream of the 8 inches on the market in 512MB RAM use common plate memory, facing more and more rich and complex tablet application, obvious can appear sweaty. And the N80 configuration for 1G RAM memory, 1G RAM of ascension every step action not only to each application with double speed, the processing of multiple tasks more break through the bottleneck.

The built-in HDMI, GaoQingQuan output interface
N80 equipped with GaoQingQuan interface HDMI output function, through the HDMI connection, can be connected to a TV, display N80, overhead projector, etc can provide more visible in the area of the equipment and let the N80 change entertainment platform. Whether photos, movies or game with 1080 P level quality perfect all output interface.

16 GB capacity, mass storage carefree
With the application of the information content and tablet increasingly rich, tablet storage space appears more and more under. Window N80 16 GB storage provide machine, can accommodate sites on film and thousands of songs, and countless of application software. But also through the TF card expansion let "mass" hold more.

The first 30 W 200 W after double camera
The Window N80 before and after the double buy cameras equipped with, lead have 30 W pixel camera for video chat special application. After taking pictures and video to buy the higher quality of the 200 W pixel camera, more with the third party software integration, achieve more practical and interesting function.This also is the reason why we compare with Window N90.

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