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Friday, November 4, 2011

capacitance screen cost-effective A10 flat MOMO 9 strengthen released version

General's resistance MOMO (Ployer-MOMO) moment for users with the most competitive games flat products, has issued new product MOMO9 strengthen version, the 7.0-inch 16:9 hd capacitance screen flat design, five capacitance touch operation, 2160 P hd video, 1.5 super all the processors, 1080 GHz P / 3 DHDMI dual mode video output, front 300000 camera, 3 G/WIFI Internet, long life and allocation function, set up the domestic game 7 "of the plate new standards. At present the product price is not releasing, but combined with the middle of October in 2011 global resources Hong Kong exhibition (ChinaSourcingFair) exposure control scheme of the A10 499 yuan the new products, to strengthen its MOMO9 whether version for the same product cause the attention from all fields, cost-effective products to look forward to!

The main control A10 nuclear 2160 P hd + 3 D game + andros 250000 applications

MOMO9 strengthen edition adopted the technology of the latest volunteers A10 processing chip, up to 1.5 GHz highest frequency, blend in the latest ManyCore all the nuclear technology, including the CPU and GPU, DPU, VEPU, SPU, APU, UPU, AEPU etc DuoGe core unit integration for an organic whole, and built-in 512 MDDR3 cache, make the system more nuclear operation much more quickly to meet MOMO9 strengthen version of the 3 D user higher / 2 D/web games, Internet, software, video experience. Also adopted the at present the most mature performance in the flat Mail400 independent graphics processor, make 3 D games/hd video screen all perfect show. MOMO9 strengthen support 2160 P video version of the perfect, that is, 3840 x 2160 resolution film, and clarity to 1080 P four times, playing with a strict requirements, strong enough to reflect products play ability. Users in practice, perfect play 1080 P the RM/RMVB, MKV (h.264 code), MPEG (AVI), MOV, FLV, MPG, VOB, MPE, DAT all video format.

With a new generation of wireless network Wi-Fi function, in comparison with other flat panel is more stable, more to run fast. The user can through the gm10 marvell free for surfing the web, online game, QQ, fly letter, micro bo, etc. Various kinds of network application; Also through electronic market wireless download mass free software, get all sorts of popular game, tools, office software, etc. At the same time support Flash10.3 and meta website, can fully the reduction of web rich, expressive visual effect. User may not need and some other software can be through the optimal cool, potatoes and other online video site directly to watch video. Full DVFS into dynamic pressure regulating technology and SmartPMU FM intelligent power management system, the system of power consumption can according to flat performance on the use of dynamic adjustment, greatly enhances the product life ability, greatly enhance practicability.

7 inches 5 o 'clock flat screen controls touch capacitance game passion, some andros intelligence touch

MOMO9 strengthen version 7.0 inches carrying high resolution (800 x 480) capacitance screen, the operation and visual experience perfect, because use screen and border unibody design flat capacitance screen operating side more big, in the game they won't like the touch screen operation is concave design, that, natural water control, such as the dungeon guardian ", "urban car 6", "the fatal air raid" emphasize screen operation games feel like a duck to water. 16:9 display proportion and 5 points touch technology, players can enjoy in high-definition visual enjoy at the same time, through the click, double click, translation, press, rolling and rotation and so on the different gestures to touch the screen, to realize intelligent control follow one's inclinationsly, suitable for many users in the game/procedures and watch video experience high qing, and other aspects of the need, control to experience nature more outstanding.
HDMI hd output 1080 P / 3 D video, double screen dual mode.

Hd digital video output HDMI interface, highest can support 1080 P high-definition video output all. The user can through the HDMI video, the machine will shock the picture, practical software transmission to LCD televisions larger display equipment of perfect to watch and operation. Let you can more easily play games, more convenient Internet browsing, more comfortable enjoy online video, etc. Also can connect to the 3 D TV equipment, with 3 D glasses, achieve more shock to the full support of 3 D video.

Lead hd interconnected camera, social/entertainment inside and outside and repairing

General MOMO9 strengthen resistance in the fuselage's edition in 300000 of the front camera, boost mobile Internet applications. The user can through QQ, and other third party applications for video calling, lets users get the more direct, more lifelike chat experience, always keep in touch. On the other hand, realize real-time shooting to the plate bo, the record in life, the ornament is the life. In addition, users can also through the MOMO9 strengthen version for video, and other functions, greatly increasing the machine entertaining.

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