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Thursday, November 10, 2011

10 inch Android2.3 tablet low-cost attacks will lose iPad?

The appearance of love made most how said, look and some of the mobile phone HTC appearance design is very similar, only, the work of the plate to relatively less skillful, sunburnt face plate, inlaid around grey zinc alloy frame, appear the quadrature, was like a gigantic version of the MP4, at the same time, the key was also designed in the border so positive seemed very clean profile.
And the positive love made the most than on the back of more contracted, top central is a white marked Logo, at the bottom of the product and company of some of the information, the machine on the left side is for interface and jack made eye-catching labeling.
The thickness of 12.3 mm weight for 730 g, and a generation as the iPad, because the circular arc handle frame so hands holding the feel when even better.
This flat adopted ARM7 core design, the main frequency 1 GHz, although in the flat is not too strong in, but the result is more than enough to deal with all kinds of application. Richard good mood to see, the performance of the flat-screen can really, the interface is complete, the screen display outstanding, cheap price (8 GB 1699 yuan). Search view android...

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