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Sunday, November 27, 2011

7 "Android 2.3 tablet is Samhave

We all know that tablet computer to use more family entertainment, and many commercial tablet computer security by problems with the has never been the masses of users to accept, but today we want to introduce this kind of is still $tablet computer is a professional design for the tablet computer, its excellent work and fashionable design or very has the attraction.

With its tablet computer is now have two models, it is Pad dazzle cruel edition SH-Q5 monk Pad fine steel edition SH-Q7

The Pad is the fifth generation dual-core 1.2 GHz high-performance processor, built-in 3D graphics accelerator, mainstream 3 D game extreme experience, the perspective HD capacitance touch screen, support 5 points and touch. 1080 DPI HD HD video playback, aluminium magnesium alloy material show honorable even more costly
WIFI, 3G, cable broadband high-speed Internet access.
Using the most stable, the most popular andros Android 2.3 operating system, intelligent, strong processes multitasking mode, perfect running hundreds of thousands of application software, the application of rich experience means that product strong expansibility.

Android 2.3 Honeycomb operating system optimization many Android popular function of the user experience, such as desktop plugin, multitasking, surfing the web, notification and custom function of the innovation of the latest mobile function. Still close tablet computer running Android 2.3 as a system, it is close application store will also provide designed for tablet computer design optimization version, is still $tablet computer users can easily search, download and experience of free and paid application. In addition, still close tablet computer can also use and browse by millions of AdobeTM FlashTM driven by the player of the network applications and web pages, be the first truly achieve the page to view and perfect Flash support tablet computer.

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