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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet A1 unique, character, wonderful, Intelligent,

Colour, a unique case
Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet A1 launch new, "excellent" Tablet to ascend to a higher level products. IdeaPad Tablet A1 fuselage fine thin, equipped with chic pink, elegant white, black and blue charm and four unique tonal, the optimum its "color", let "color play" gens easily the unique character shaping. Have 7 inches tall solution touch screen as more and more new sole function, IdeaPad ™ Tablet A1 will for players with unprecedented multimedia play experience.

Individual character, a unique case
IdeaPad ™ Tablet A1 with chic pink, elegant white, black and blue charm and four tonal, easy for players to show the unique character. Handy and easy with the fine thin body more convenient "color play" gens play at any time.

Wonderful play, a case
Lenovo unique Lenovo Launch Zone for players to play to the infinite originality, personalized design of the interface, free Apps on the like from the desktop, a click online, fast one step, extreme into multimedia entertainment world. Want to inspire profusion life attitude, can be in more Lenovo App Shop and Android Market ™ download thousands of the hot play Apps.

Intelligent, a perfect case
IdeaPad ™ Tablet A1 is replete with multimedia function, using Android 2.3 platform, simple operation, and support Flash Adobe, let players to the social network, Internet, play Game, shadow equal intelligence experience more fluid cheerful.

Through a case, the world
IdeaPad ™ Tablet A1 support global positioning system (GPS), with offline map, real-time search street figure and real world map, is really like to travel around the players of great things. Cooperate with Lenovo App Shop within the national map, can be a click to all over the world.
High quality, a standard practice
7 inches tall solution touch screen like more spots have high 1024 * 600 resolution, cutting-edge technology creates the general bright meticulous image, bring an unprecedented extreme visual experience.

Color, accessories, play
IdeaPad Tablet A1 is "color play" gens AD hoc 3 paragraph case accessories, including: the cover, and the screen protection stick and GPS navigation fixed a, greatly enhance protection function, let the home use with freely IdeaPad Tablet A1 relished.

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