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Monday, November 14, 2011

Life is the kingly way P76 electricity tablet PC more lasting firmware upgrade

With electricity P76 tablet computer promotion propaganda is special, the buzzword A10 core being slowly everyone know, become hot. Good performance, excellent compatibility, strong 2160 P decoding input, super long time standby and life. Let everyone's eye can't from him away, it attracted deeply. As early as in A10 architecture at the beginning of the release, the official said the chip, at present only primary optimization, later stages of continuing the optimization and improvement. Recently, we wait for the electricity to P76V2. 0 firmware, the arrival of this firmware in game, 3D, negroponte, etc is greatly improved, and today we'll fine speak P76 tablet computer platform electricity in the life the ascension of the above.

The new firmware, for the power system and conducted a "inhuman" repression. But to originally had run the emperor is A10, no doubt, is even better. In the new firmware, standby power consumption is only system 13 mA, standby 20 days. Charging once, you can safely put it in the bag, enjoy and iPad the same long standby.
Electricity P76V2. 0 the firmware on Wifi for dynamic function management, power consumption straight drop 20%, reduce the power consumption of the overall system, system run all up, can continuous online more than 8 hour. Bubble micro bo, reading novels, stroll BBS, big e-commerce, want to play with, want to play for long. Never have with the MM chat, chat is inseparable, no electrical shutdown and disappointing.
Video play when core is automatically frequency reduction to 60 MHz, and greatly reduce power, only 15% of the normal use. Can play video for 10 consecutive hours above, so that users can have more time to enjoy the movie, read a, then a; Even soap opera is also no pressure.
Electricity P76 flat, using the latest A10 all the nuclear program, presenting as high as 1.5 GHz, carrying PMU (intelligent power management) and DVFS (dynamic FM pressure regulating) to realize the intelligence of the power management, effectively reduce the power consumption of the machine, make the battery more abiding. 2160 P ultra clear decoding, 3D video effect, can let you of the P76 become a ultimate video platform.

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