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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Apple co-founder Woz lining up to buy new iPad3

Apple co-founder Wozniak appeared in the forefront of the rush to buy a new generation of iPad3 case team again, but this time his position is different. Wozniak and his wife standing in the rush to buy new iPad3 cases team the top front of the Los Angeles Century City Westfield shopping center in the United States. "In fact, this time my wife stood in the front, and I only came in second place, we are always rushed over to noon." Wozniak said.
Wozniak line up the habit of buying Apple products for a long time, and reputation. In fact, Apple co-founder and one of the heavyweight veteran, he does not line up you can get Apple products. However, for him, and Apple fans waiting in line with the first sale of new products, is a supreme pleasure.
"It has formed a law. I have done so many times, I still do that." He said, "I wanted to be a vast number of consumers.

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