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Friday, October 7, 2011

From jobs of the privacy

A few hours ago, jobs buried.

Funeral for small private party. To protect privacy, and I wonder if the funeral location outside. He died in the family, issued a statement end also said: "we ask you this sad period in respect our privacy."

But, mining, but some people celebrity privacy consistent tendencies. Today's newspaper, not someone to Steve jobs "passionate", "and high school girlfriend with a female" with relish experience?

Jobs which global attention, died fans and condolences, its influence has been big, far more than political figures. As an entrepreneur, enjoy the AiRong, is unprecedented. The sight, quite can ponder. Even, will "pink" for jobs, as enthusiasts era of transformation of a small sign, also have not cannot.

If we agree to the significance of existence, jobs, then, to commemorate his extraordinary, should not go to adored his privacy, but should the spirit of his inheritance.

An jobs: "the difference between a leader and a follower is that innovation." "Apple" has been used to the "pink", and may not be the imagination, if it was not the innovation of the jobs, what lies.

Steve jobs go, his products, has been implanted our life; His spirit of innovation, the more when implanted inside us.

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