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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Children grow up together with the Tablet PC

At present, the tablet computer on the market product type is very rich, weight, the screen size and operating systems vary. But is there a tablet computer to withstand the children's rough treat?

Each one Explorer tablet computer with all three good program and a download from LeapFrog Connect application store their choice of free program (ebook, game or video). I have tried a by the famous of the fancy toy manufacturers LeapFrog Enterprises Inc. For children aged four to nine at the design of the $100 LeapPad Explorer tablet computer. This money is green and pink tablet computer two kinds of color, equipped with built-in microphone, cameras, camcorders and size suitable for use by children handwritten pen, used in five inches touch screen writing and drawing (fingers can also).

This kind of tablet computer in the design of the strong plastic, glass screen by a layer of wheat pull (Mylar) diaphragm, and around the screen in the metal frame, used to take additional physical damage. This kind of flat computers can read e-books, play games and browse the digital flash card.

LeapPad Explorer is LeapFrog company launched the latest products. The company since the 1990 s began production of the original LeapPad educational toys, and in July 2010 the Leapster Explorer handheld game production.

Explorer children tablet computer can run 40 DuoGe procedures that can be downloaded. Computer top groove, can run old game tapes. The company spokesman says, by the end of this year the company is expected to provide 70 DuoZhong program, and not to stop selling the game plan. Tape Each game tapes price $25, can download items (including games, procedures, flash card, video and ebooks, etc) fees from $5 to $20.

In the trial LeapPad Explorer in the process, I found that it has many able to attract younger children age of characteristics, such as fun sound, screen graphics and in reading, games, and the activities of the progress of achievement.

The main attraction LeapFrog products from companies for personalized education attention. The children set the computer, can input your level (never in kindergarten to grade 6), the computer will automatically adjust function, in order to adapt to the child's ability. That is, if a year 3 student performance above the age of average tablet computer can adjust content to a higher level, the child will receive such notice, and will get congratulations. If, on the other hand, the child progress slowly, system to adjust to a lower level, but not to notice to the children.

This paragraph of a tablet computer called a "LeapFrog learning path" function, with this function, parents can to digital means tracking the progress of the children. Any time, as long as the tablet computer-to computer, the child USES of the specific conditions of the tablet computer are transmitted to the PC, so parents know how the child's behavior, and still get how to help children improve Suggestions.

Explorer tablet computer on the activities in spelling, pronunciation training children, mathematics, creativity, science, music and geography, because the ability of LeapFrog and Disney's Pixar company (Disney-Pixar) partnership, most of the children in the game and found in books Disney character in the movie.

My favorite program is super eBook (Ultra eBook) "Cars, 2: Undercover plan" (Cars 2: Project Undercover). As the name suggests, LeapFrog super ebook is to strengthen the function after the ebook. The children can read the whole book recorded voice, and then the replay. There are animated and ebook built-in 6 kinds of the comprehensive function and three games. The story of three ebook according to different text level, and used to write dictionaries, visualization can help children to expand their vocabulary. At present, only "cars, 2: undercover plan" to read this one ebook. However, LeapFrog have plan before the end of the six ebook increased again.

LeapFrog's Explorer tablet computer on the design can be some features of effective cost control, some features still solved the child safety concerns. For example, Explorer didn't, so that children wireless connection if not it with a PC or Mac machine can't the Internet. Associated Download program also need parents password.

Another characteristic is LeapPad Explorer with 4 AA batteries, not as most ordinary tablet computer that use rechargeable lithium ion batteries. LeapFrog's spokesman said, doing so can hold down costs, on the other hand, is considered the lithium ion battery can happen out, in children's toys with the safe enough. The children can use $10 a dc adapter to Explorer power supply.

Compared with popular tablet computer, Explorer also has the very big disparity. This paragraph of up to 1 inch thick tablet computer, most adults than the tablet computer and bulky. The quality of the computer screen than iPad and Android tablet computer to poor. The built-in camera resolution of less than 1 million pixels. And as I found, it's response has some delay, but I'm not sure most 9 years old of the following children will be able to detect it out.

Each one Explorer tablet computer with all three good program and a download from LeapFrog Connect application store their choice of free program (ebook, game or video). As long as with UBS line will be tablet computer and other PC together, can use the computer to download these procedures. Prior to download good programs include a pet game, give children a pet let them take care of; A story studio, let the children with pictures, voice-over and

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