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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Internal news says iPad will be held on April 24 the worldwide release

Laptop, laptop computers, apple, apple ipad, apple ipad, appleipad,, the worldwide release, news, a new notebook news leaked information display, apple or have Canada and the overseas market ipad launch date for lock on April 24. Allegedly part of store employee with the Canadian apple was told to in 24, 25 days standby, and can't leave at will. In view of the apple iPhone 3 GS in the ready to start and other main products has issued to employees, so outside believe apple asked to move for 24, is keen to reserve enough manpower.
Apple iPad now official says only in Canada and the eight other countries will launch date at the end of April, and no exact time. If apple decided to settle in the world on the same day on a Saturday, so on April 24, will be the last term. If the above is true, follow the us domestic date scheduled to deliver goods from the three weeks interval, overseas will open to booking on April 2 namely on this week.

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