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Monday, September 19, 2011

$99 tablet pc not reality

HP Tablet PC the Touch iPad has long been poor. But when the company recently put the product price adjustment to $99, of the tablet computer quickly sold to out of stock. So people can not help but ask: $99 will not is the future trend of the tablet PC?
Since HP has openly declared will retire from the tablet computer market, so will the company to the rest of the tablet computer product sale today. But it also give the public an illusion, think that $99 will be used for a tablet computer from rich to show off products with mobile phones and laptop computer as the popularity of the public product of transformation a turning point. But analysts pointed out, $99 is not a reality of the retail price, because the tablet computer after all is not a toy.
Market research institutions of HIS iSuppli analyst Rhoda Alexander display (Rhoda Alexander said: "the TouchPad low selling just tablet computer in the market of a special case, because HP is going to exit the market, and they actually sell to such low completely is a loss of business."
According to iSuppli's a tear open machine analysts provide data shows, assembly an HP's total more than $300 to the TouchPad and components, it doesn't include the installation of the software and assembly of products of workers labor cost. These costs add up the total amount of the current tablet computer and the apple iPad 2 or the cost of about $326 is similar.
Professional and machine the co-founder iFixit website Kevin WeiEnSi (Kevin Wiens) said: "from the point of view of production, at present, we still don't have the ability to launch price of less than $100 tablet computer, it is almost impossible. And in the present market condition of cheap tablet PCS are very poor in quality."
According to the market Research institutions to provide the data display of ABI, iPad 2 has become a global tablet computer last year the biggest selling products, and occupy the tablet computer 85% market share. The product's price for 499 dollars, and then for a long time will remain at this price nearby.
But HP's TouchPad before the commencement of sale, its foundation of price for 399 dollars.

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