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Sunday, September 18, 2011

360 result version released android mobile phone browser main cloud favorites function

September 19,, after the news PC version and Pad version browsers, 360 after the company recently introduced quietly mobile phone browser Beta Co., mark the official version into mobile phone the browser market.

In 360 the browser updated TechWeb found on page 360, has continued in on September 17 and 18 September 360 mobile phone launched two of browser version, the products are Beta Co. is applicable to Android mobile platform.

According to data show that 360 mobile browsers have navigation, gestures, download documents, quick operation control, whole intelligence article input, the address bar association composite function, cloud favorites safety sharing, the left column personal space, and other functions. One of the cloud favorites function become the difference of the main advantage.

This is 360 in the browser market and the one action. With free software market advantages, safety in the PC field 360 browser have dominated certain advantages. According to statistics and data center CNZZ baidu's report, the browser field, 360 PC security browser and the window of the world holds nearly 20% market share, far higher than in addition to Microsoft IE (60% share of sogou, Google) outside the Chrome, tencent TT etc rivals.

According to analysys international industry data released "the second season in 2011 China mobile browser market quarter figures showed China's monitoring of third party browser users mobile phone number steadily, and the scale of the second season in 2011 to break through 159 million, up 13.4%; annulus comparing And, the China mobile browser is expected to third party next few quarter growth active users will be in the 11% to 13% range. At the top of the domestic mobile browser a large market share of the browser, UCweb mobile phone QQ browsers.

On the other hand, it also marked the beginning of 360 mobile phone into comprehensive client products field. Before that, the 360 has launched a mobile security guards, mobile phone antivirus, mobile phone IM products such as a message.

Before this, the chairman ZhouHongYi was in 360 Internet meeting said in the mobile platform will make more exploration, he thought, the Tablet PC era of Internet giant has been made, but in wireless Internet field, have more chance to challenge giant. "We already have a PC and Internet browser software on their steward, and we will also explore new direction."

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